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Jersey Sizes(5 posts)

Jersey SizesZman
Sep 2, 2003 8:14 AM
I was wondering if anyone knows of a jersey company that makes jerseys in Tall sizes.

I have a large chest (48") and long torso. I do not fit the "biker" model.

Any ideas?

re: Jersey Sizescydswipe
Sep 2, 2003 10:30 AM
I'd try . Maybe e-mail them your question. I don't know if you are looking for pro team garb or just a good jersey, but, I'd try there first.
Nashbar and Performance sometimes have XXL Tallscory
Sep 2, 2003 12:27 PM
I'm about the same size, and it's a hassle. I bought a bunch of XXL Coolmax T-shirts in bright colors for $10 apiece a few years ago and usually ride in those. If you want a real NASCAR-looking genuine bike jersey, though, both Nashbar and Performance have them in the catalog pretty regularly. REI and Patagonia also have short- and long-sleeved T's in various wicking and insulating fabrics, but I haven't seen real jerseys either place.
Beware of "European fit," btw. I've seen XXLs that were for 42-inch chests and about 28-inch waists. My parakeet wears bigger shirts than that.
Like Santini Pro FitZman
Sep 2, 2003 1:21 PM
I see the size charts on Santini:

XXXXXL = 45 inch chest

Cannondale (mountain bike clothing) has clothing that fits me and it is really nice stuff. But since all my roadbiking is done in Trek style and Nike stuff is WAY to small I was looking elsewhere.

I currently have a lineup of Performance stuff and it fits fine, just bland.

I have ordered a Castelli jersey to see if they fit. The XXL says up to 50" chest, we shall see.
Sorry to rain on your parade re:Castelli sizinginnergel
Sep 4, 2003 11:34 AM
Don't count on the XXL Castelli to fit. I wear a 44L suit and the XXL is tight on me. You are going to have to probably bump up to a XXXL in Castelli to get close.

The Castelli website says they think most people wear stuff that is one size to big for them. We'll if you are a 140lb Euro racer, you can probably wear what they suggest. For us mere mortals who are larger sizee (6'5" 220lbs here) you'll do good to go UP one size. That might get you closer.