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Lance Around the Clock annoyance--should it bother me?(22 posts)

Lance Around the Clock annoyance--should it bother me?teoteoteo
Sep 2, 2003 7:12 AM
So I did the lakehouse thing this weekend and luckily girlfriend's family has OLN and the dish. Seeing that it was pouring rain my ride plans were squashed.

Since I missed the OLN stuff during July I got a chance to catch-up on all the Bobke and Kirsten talk. What annoyed me most of all was the whole musette thing--you it wasn't a musette and everyone keeps referring to it as such, not just OLN but other outlets as well.

Lance was crashed by a damn Credit Lyonnais backpack and not a musette. The free kind thrown out by the publicity caravan and it was not the same thing Bob and Kirsten were playing with--that thing was a musette and was for sale and NOT FREE.

Photo evidence below Take a look at backpack on ground near LA's handlebars--I can't say conclusivly that this is the exact backpack that crashed him but in watching replay 20 times since the accident I know that the blue rope strings on the backpacks are visible and hooked LA's bar.

I know it shouldn't bother me so much but it does...enough of my rant.
ps I watched replays over and over
re: backpack picteoteoteo
Sep 2, 2003 7:16 AM
Here is a close-up of one of the freebie backpacks
Great pic53T
Sep 2, 2003 7:28 AM
That girl in the kaki pants has got a lot of back for a white woman!
Junk in da Trunkbsdc
Sep 2, 2003 10:27 AM
That lady does have a bit of Jungle Booty.
Sep 2, 2003 7:31 AM
3 things...

1. Those who have had the el cheapo freebee Credit Lyonnais (complete w/ bad drawing of cyclist) flung at their faces by the Tour caravan -- and have any inkling of how a feed zone actually works -- would never confuse said bag with a musette.

2. Bob Roll should know better (but perhaps he lacks the vocabulary to describe that bag any other way... and before anyone jumps on me for that, its just a statement of fact -- I like the guy). Kirsten is just clueless -- and, having met her, I can say that she isn't nearly as nice looking in person as on her air-brushed "Asheville cutest" pics.

3. Teo, step away from the VCR...reach over the coffee table and turn it off ... please, for your sanity -- get out of the house ... FAST! You are going to have to make it another 11 months so don't go mental yet. Repeat after me.. the Vuelta starts in 5 days, the Vuelta starts in 5 days, the Vuelta starts... (all in good fun;-)).

Best wishes on your successful passage through this bout of TDF withdrawal.



And tell me where to send this piece of textile Tour 2003 memorabilia before my wife tosses it out in the next closet clean-up!
I want it! I want it! (nm)MisJG
Sep 2, 2003 7:33 AM
Going for a ride..teoteoteo
Sep 2, 2003 7:42 AM

Excellent advice, as I'd expect from you. As for the clothing use the shop address (1426 toomey Austin, TX 78704). I'll get with you on those chats we need to have. Can you e mail me your numbers again?

Did you see Gum in Loudenvielle as well? I was not impressed either. Just as an fyi the spot we met at in Grust was just meters away from where Chechu and Lance caught Jan...I have a great mpeg move of the catch and Chavnel all by his lonesome as he was still off the front.

Off for a ride now to further vent.
Going for a ride..philippec
Sep 2, 2003 7:59 AM
Didn't see her in Loudenvielle -- my run-in w/her was atop Luz-Ardiden.

She came out of the press trucks and out onto the helipad where we had set up w/ a great view of the final 5 kms .. and ... the TV megatron (well, it was a great view until the weather socked in!). I was busy translating the live radio broadcast to a group of elderly Basque fans when she overheard me say Armstrong's name. She asked me what was going on (I was also translating into english for my cousin and his buddies) and so I told her that Chavanel and Botero were a few minutes up on the group and that Mayo had just placed an acceleration. She gives me a "whatever" look and walks away... I think to myself Asheville must not have had many cute women when they voted her cutest!

The shirt will be in the mail tomorrow.

I'll get back to you off forum w/ my contact details.

Enjoy your ride,


FWIW, Kirstin was Charlotte, NC, "cutest," not Ashevilletarwheel
Sep 2, 2003 9:32 AM
Kirstin was a TV reporter in Charlotte before going to work for OLN. Asheville is a smaller city in the mountains of NC; Charlotte is the state's largest city. Having not met Ms. Gum, I cannot attest to her beauty or lack thereof in person -- but she looks pretty nice on camera to my eyes.
re: have to agree on Asheville 8-Pcyclopathic
Sep 2, 2003 10:56 AM
but yet I haven't seen so many beautiful women in many years in US as I saw in Paris in 3 days.. Viva France!
I've never tested Roll's IQ, but somehow I think that it wouldbill
Sep 2, 2003 11:18 AM
hold up pretty well. Nobody who's stupid can play the clown that well. His stream of consciousness stuff bespeaks an interesting, fertile mind as well as, yes, erudition. Don't sell him short.
(Oh boy, now I'm going to undercut myself entirely by taking the way contrarian view -- here goes.) Kirsten Gum is good at what she does. I think that the error may be in mistaking what she does. She is a professional television person. She is not Phil or Paul, who are steeped in cycling and good commentators, or Bob, who's an informative clown but not much good when he's being neither informative nor a clown, or Frankie, who's great to listen to himself as a bike rider who can be informative and even funny, but who ain't no television pro. Give her a break. She is enthusiastic, she presents herself as nothing more than what she is, and she is easy on the eyes. It's not an easy job, and she seems to do it pretty seamlessly.
Sep 2, 2003 11:33 AM
you guys expect too much. Ligget is a treasure, and Sherwyn isbill
Sep 2, 2003 11:56 AM
not far behind, but how many of those do you think you're going to get in one poor cyclist's lifetime? And, even though I love Ligget, he's not as good when he does it without Sherwyn, and I can't imagine Sherwyn even trying without Ligget.
Gum surely is better than that bozo they had at the beginning of the season that DID pretend that he knew what he was talking about. He was neither funny nor informed -- at least Kirsten knows to be what she is.
Best of Show53T
Sep 2, 2003 12:11 PM
Best of show was on TV last night. Funny Movie. James Garner plays a non-dog-show-savy TV commentator assigned to the big dog show, alongside a dog show expert commentator. Hilarity ensues.
It's Fred Willard, not James Garner. Great movie, though.nmbill
Sep 2, 2003 12:41 PM
Couldn't agree more.KG 361
Sep 2, 2003 3:52 PM
Roll speaks about 4 or 5 languages fluently. No easy task.Gum is what she is. Good-looking fluff. All the networks do it.
musette (n) a small knapsack. nmSteve_0
Sep 2, 2003 7:38 AM
Musette is another name for a bagSprint-Nick
Sep 2, 2003 8:53 AM
A musette is "A small canvas or leather bag with a shoulder strap, as one used by soldiers or travelers." Since the CL bags have 2 straps and a couple of key commentators are Brits this is probably where the statement saying it was a musette bag and not a CL bag came from.
re: Lance Around the Clock annoyance--should it bother me?JonnyHu
Sep 2, 2003 3:35 PM
Maybe if I had been ranting about whether it was a musette or not I wouldn't have succumbed and ordered myself a Weiss metal detector. Damn.
have you found the good stuff yet? nmrufus
Sep 2, 2003 5:55 PM
re: Lance Around the Clock annoyance--should it bother me?JonnyHu
Sep 2, 2003 4:01 PM
Maybe if I had been ranting about whether it was a musette or not I wouldn't have succumbed and ordered myself a Weiss metal detector. Damn.
Lance on the 24HR Rodeo Channel? Missed it. NMyoucancallmejoe
Sep 2, 2003 7:42 PM