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Group Rides in Boone NC Area?(5 posts)

Group Rides in Boone NC Area?cipolini2b
Sep 2, 2003 6:18 AM
Hey All,

I posted a couple months ago about moving out here, and I'm here now, attending Lees McRae College. Beautiful riding, but I'd love to tag along in a fast paced group ride if there is one nearby. Any of you north carolina folk know of any group rides? Thanks.
re: Group Rides in Boone NC Area?CARBON110
Sep 2, 2003 7:11 AM
Coooooome to Asheville. \Get on I-40 and take exit 51. I think its 51, it says Biltmore Forest. I will take you on some great rides. Wanna ride up to Mitchell this weekend or next? Its only like 3 1/2 hours total going easy. Let me know. I can take you on group rides,which are pretty hard this time of year, or we can putz around. We have a fast Tues night ride at 6pm if you want to come out today. anyitme and I will meet up with you. We have a velodrome that you can see on they print our monthly results. Also check out Boone has the big hill climb on Beach Mtn very soon, you should check it out there will be some good riders there.
CNC coming to your town in a monthLone Gunman
Sep 2, 2003 2:49 PM
1000+ riders from all over the country will descend upon Boone for the 10/5 start of Cycle North Carolina. You could do a one day thing or several days if you have the time. Search for cycle north carolina.
Here's a Boone LBS I recommendSpecialTater
Sep 2, 2003 8:34 AM
They have a mtb focus, but were a great resource for both road and trail riding. They know of all the group rides and many are posted on the forum. If not, give them a call and they will hook you up.

I was there in July and the riding is excellent. You will have a blast.
There are two that I know ofEric F
Sep 2, 2003 10:31 PM
Boone Bike and Touring does one on Tuesday (at 6pm I think) and Magic cylces does one on Wensday.

I think the Boone Bikes one is 30 miles and the Magic Cycles one is 20 miles, but I am not sure. Last wensday there had to be 50 people in the magiccycles ride. Also, the Boone Bikes one is much faster than the Magic Cycles one I believe

I plan on joining these after I get my roadbike and get good enough to join.