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Triphop, what's the update after visiting Fondriest?(2 posts)

Triphop, what's the update after visiting Fondriest?cw05
Aug 31, 2003 7:47 PM
Just curious as my measurements are the same as yours (90cm inseam) and I was considering the same Status Carb frame. Thanks.
re: Triphop, what's the update after visiting Fondriest?Triphop
Sep 4, 2003 11:15 AM
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, just saw this today. Fondriest did not have any 60cm standard geometry frames in stock that I could throw a leg over. After some dialogue with them, I just wasn't feeling confident about the fit of the Status Carb. They were suggesting an even smaller frame...and that raised even more concerns about fit. That is when I decided to get a fitting done before shelling out lots of $$.

So, I had a fitting done, rather than relying on formulas. Why I didn't have this done earlier I don't know, but I *highly* recommend having a fit done, or atleast throw a leg over a bike with similar geometry. Anyway, my measured inseam was a bit longer than I had measured at home...a whole 3cm longer, I have short femurs and long tibias, I have a short torso for my height (6'1/2") and I have long arms, so I have a lot of flexibility with TT length. I tried a Lemond (among other brands) and found that to be very comfortable, geometry wise. So that was the starting point. The Lemond geometry is 61cm ST (c-c) and 60cm TT (c-c), STA of 72* and HTA of 74*, and a stem length of 120mm. I was stunned out how large the bike was when he rolled it out to try it for size.

So, using that as a start, I started shopping for bikes that were close to this. After searching just about every brand and ready to settle for a Lemond (I just wanted something unique), I found the Ciocc EOM 16.5 Carbon (very similar frame to the Status Carb) to be close. 61cm ST (c-c) with a 59.6cm TT (c-c), STA of 72.3* . This being so close to the geometry of the Lemond which I was comfortable on, and relatively the same design & price as the Fondriest Status Carb, I decided to order one through the Mike Perry at Maestro-UK Monday of this week. In 10 weeks I should have it, and ill be able to post a ride report.

I hope this helps some...even though it turns out my inseam is longer than yours. Personally, I would have a fitting done, or atleast find a domestic brand w/ similar geometry and try it out. That will give you a better idea of fit, $1200 is alot of money for a frame that isn't perfect.