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2 riders killed in truck collision Saturday south of Houston(8 posts)

2 riders killed in truck collision Saturday south of HoustonTig
Aug 31, 2003 4:42 PM
From a local news source

Truck slams into cyclists

By Michael Baker
The Facts

Published August 31, 2003

BRAZORIA — Two men died Saturday morning when an out-of-control truck plowed into a line of bicyclists who were in the middle of a 55-mile trek.

Lake Jackson residents James Roy Thomerson, 49, and Brian Joseph Delaney, 47, were two of about 20 cyclists from the Brazosport Bicycle Club riding in single file west on Highway 332 about 8 a.m. Saturday. As they reached the sharp curve underneath the bridge on FM 521, a 1999 Ford F-150 sped around the curve and hit about five of the cyclists, said Sgt. Randy Jones with the Department of Public Safety.

DPS Trooper Blaine Chesser said the scene was grisly when he arrived.

"We had bikes everywhere, and people lying on the ground all over the place," Chesser said. "It was unbelievable."

Thomerson and Delaney both died at the scene, Chesser said. Cyclist Amanda McDaniel, a 26-year-old Dallas resident, was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital by LifeFlight helicopter. Kelton Thomson, a 60-year-old Lake Jackson resident, was taken by ambulance to Brazosport Memorial Hospital.

Neither McDaniel's nor Thomson's injuries appeared to be life-threatening, Chesser said.

The truck's driver, 44-year-old Lake Jackson resident Marcia Ann Meeks, had lost control as she went around the curve, Jones said. She saw the cyclists, hit her brakes and went into a spin before hitting the line of cyclists, he said.

Angleton resident Lance Phy, who was riding near the back of the line, said not all the cyclists knew what was happening.

"Some wouldn't have seen it," Phy said. "It just happened too fast."

Jones said excessive speed likely made Meeks lose control. Drugs or alcohol were not believed to be a factor, though Meeks was taken to BMH to be tested for the substances, he said.

"She was emotionally distraught, but she was not injured," Jones said.

Charges are pending against Meeks, Chesser said.

Phy is also an officer with the Sugar Land Police Department and helped DPS investigate the accident. He did not know Thomerson or Delaney well, but the accident really shook up him and the other cyclists, he said.

"It's a pretty traumatic thing, especially for those at the front of the pack who narrowly missed it," Phy said. "It's the one thing you fear as a cyclist."

More info from TXBRA
(Kenny York was on the ride and is a local velodrome 1 hour record owner and top 5 Texas Cat 1 racer)

TXBRA Members:

I was asked by Kenny York to post an update on this forum this morning.

As some of you may know, there was a tragic accident this Saturday morning (Aug 30) during the club ride. On the way to Brazoria, the club paceline was hit by a truck going the opposite direction. Brian Delaney and Jim Thomerson were killed and eight others were injured. Some of the injured were taken to Brazosport Memorial Hospital by ambulance. Amanda McDaniel (Dallas) who races in the TXBRA circuit was flown to Hermann Memorial in Houston. As of Sunday (Aug 31), the injured were either released or about to be released. Another club member and I visited them today and the injured riders were all in good spirits.

We are all deeply heartbroken at the deaths of Jim and Brian and feel great sorrow for their families. We miss Jim and Brian so much.

Thanks go out to the BBC members who acted so heroically after the accident by doing all that could be done. Our deepest gratitude goes out to the law enforcement, fire department, and EMTs that arrived so quickly. Thanks to all of the well-wishers who have contacted us so far.


Andy Chang
mmmm ...bsdc
Aug 31, 2003 5:21 PM
I'm almost speechless. My heart goes out to ALL involved.
Prayers to the familiesTNRyder
Aug 31, 2003 6:11 PM
Prayers..... won't do stuff all: *two people are DEAD!*Synchronicity
Sep 1, 2003 4:22 PM
Saying some silly little "prayer" is is utterly futile.

That is the lamest method for coping with reality that I can think of. Never understood the way people console themselves and others by saying: "oh they're in a better place now."

Honestly, not trying to start a big religous argument here, BUT:
If there /were/ a god, an all-knowing all-powerful god, then why did he/she/it allow two innocent cyclist to die, knowing full-well it was going to happen?

That's a mighty-cruel deity.

What I would say is my sincerest condolences to the relatives, and hope the driver gets her fair share of justice. Two people lost their lives in that incident, and I tuly feel for the relatives.
Prayers..... won't do stuff all: *two people are DEAD!*axebiker
Sep 1, 2003 5:14 PM
What's your deal, dude? Don't push off your lack of faith onto others. If you didn't want to start a religious debate, you should have kept that comment to yourself. Sometimes faith is all a person has, and getting through life believing in a higher power makes it all worthwhile.
Prayers..... won't do stuff all: *two people are DEAD!*bsdc
Sep 1, 2003 5:48 PM
I might even agree with you, but this is the wrong time and place.

re: 2 riders killed in truck collision Saturday south of Houstonaliensporebomb
Aug 31, 2003 7:49 PM
Very sad. When will it all end?
My heart goes out to the families...............nmDave Hickey
Sep 1, 2003 5:46 AM