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Another Redneck/SUV story...(4 posts)

Another Redneck/SUV story...mghwk
Aug 31, 2003 3:32 PM
Went for a nice ride this afternoon over Alpine loop in Utah. Near the top of the American fork side, the road narrows quite a bit with some blind corners and places where opposing vehicles need to yield to one another on occasion. The speed limit is 25mph and most everyone is used to the sightseeing that happens on nice days. After you get high enough, people in cars seem to be suprised to see someone on a bicycle and offer encouragement out the car window as they pass. I also ride with a mirror on the glasses, which is a very helpful safety feature.

Approaching one of the narrow spots, a guy in an Explorer comes up behind me and makes an usafe pass around a corner. Half way through, he sees oncoming vehicle traffic and veers back to the right to avoid a collision. I had an escape route, which I didn't have to use fortunately, but it was a tense moment. The Explorer continues up the road a bit then pulls over and the redneck driver rolls down the window and pulls himself partway out the window, looking back at me as I approach. At this point, I'm wishing I had pepperspray or worse as I imagine the ignorant tirade about to be unleashed. As I draw even with the guy here is what I hear: "Sorry dude. Didn't mean to scare you back there. You OK?" I assured him I was fine and we exchanged pleasantries and went each on our merry way. Kind of refreshing actually. Just when you think you have human nature figured out...
Good to hear! ................nmrwbadley
Aug 31, 2003 6:31 PM
Never done the Alpine Loopsuperdog
Aug 31, 2003 8:17 PM
I've never done the Alpine Loop but I'd like to try it before it gets too cold. What exactly is the "loop?"

If I started from the point of the mountain, would the loop bring me back to the point? Assuming I start from there, how far is the loop and how much climbing should I be prepared for? Is it worse that Millcreek Canyon as far a steep sections?
Alpine Loop,mghwk
Aug 31, 2003 9:27 PM
OK, here it is:
Starting exit 285 I-15 (1st Lehi exit)
North to Alpine HWY
Go east forever, see items of interest on picture, hehe.
Over the top at mile 20.9
Turn right on Hwy 189 at 29.7 towards Provo
Turn right on 800 North Orem at 36.6
Turn right on 800 East Orem at 37.9
Follow road west past Orem Cemetary
Turn North on State Street at 41.0
End at 285 1-15 at 51.5 (my neighborhood)
Point of the mountain is about 3miles north on frontage roads from this start/finish.

Its a nice ride, not too long and not too steep. The section between the tibble fork turnoff and the top is 6.1%.

If you do it from the Provo side, it is slightly less steep at 5.5%.