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Looks like the new 04 "K" wheels.(7 posts)

Looks like the new 04 "K" wheels.divve
Aug 30, 2003 9:05 PM
A Fondriest model "something"divve
Aug 30, 2003 9:24 PM
EuroBike cranks it up.....divve
Aug 31, 2003 1:48 AM
the new KsyriumsTig
Aug 31, 2003 6:11 AM
I've seen a few pair of the new '04 SSC SL Ksyrium's come through the shop. They are marketed to be slightly lighter this year. The silver finish is a much needed change from the old black version (am I the only one tired of seeing the black K's everywhere?). The front hub is the most noticeable structural change. They are the exact same wheel as the limited edition TDF K's except for the single yellow painted spoke, hub sticker, & wheel bags, but at a much better relative price.

Mavic is still using the questionable method of anchoring the spoke nipple to just one wall of the rim. After seeing several rims crack at the spoke hole as well as the nipples themselves break, I'm still not completely sold on the K's design. I used to like them until I saw so many of them fail. At least the straight-pull section of the hubs haven't been breaking like some of the older Mavic hubs sometimes do.
Not sold on the design?Sprint-Nick
Aug 31, 2003 9:14 AM
No offence but I feel you are making an unjustified (and in some ways pessimistic) criticism of the K's design. I understand you may have seen several failures but having never ridden the K's for a prolonged period of time I think its unfair of you to criticize their design. Lots of people have seen or heard of Cannondale's cracking but does every person who has a Cannondale have it crack? Of course not... so seeing things and having it happen to you are 2 completely different things.

Heres my story of their durability. I'm a pretty big guy at around 190 lbs and I've ridden over 10,000 km + on them. Trued them twice even after nailing countless potholes and have only broken one spoke... it was when I somehow picked up a stick in the spokes of my back wheel and had it nail the back chainstay. The spoke bent and the nipple cracked. But it wasn't until 300 km later when I tried to bend it back (smart) that it finally snapped. And the rim is still perfectly fine.

Sorry this wasn't a dig at your credibility but so far these wheels have been the best I have ever owned and I have heard the same from many people so I thought a different viewpoint of their durability was appropriate.

Aug 31, 2003 9:53 AM
Why do I criticize Ksyriums? I've even seen riders under 140 break K's, and one is the smoothest rider I've ever known who happens to be just 125 pounds! On the other hand, I've also known a (very) few riders who top 180 that have had just a few problems with them. At NO time did I state that every rider on K's had or will have a failure. Its just that for $800 retail, they sure fail quite a bit above average. I don't miss mine after 14,000+ miles. Oh, yes, I've ridden them around the block a few thousand times, so no need for you to guess about my lack of personal experience with them. Tack on 20 years of road, track, and MTB racing and riding on many different wheels and bikes if you need just a little more credibility.

For less money, there are many manufactured and custom wheel sets available that are much more aero and/or lighter than the Ksyrium's, and without the fragile aluminum spokes and nipples. The only aero part of them is their super bladed spokes which are a pain in a cross wind. If these are the best wheels you've ever owned, you really should try more before putting them at the top of the heap. Expand your horizons.
From my experience, I've got to agree with Nick.KG 361
Sep 1, 2003 6:16 AM
I'm the same size as Nick and have had mine for over 3 yrs with around 10K miles on mine. No problems. The lbs that I go to hasn't had ANY fail, either. Not discounting your experience, but my experience will have me buying another pair when these are shot (if and when that happens).