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What to buy???(2 posts)

What to buy???Zanzibar
Aug 30, 2003 7:28 PM
I am a 5'11, 205-210 guy looking to buy a road bike for around 2500CDN$ (roughly 1700-200USD$).

Some people tell me not to go carbon because I'm too heavy, other tell me that carbon is the way to go if I can put the money. I know we have some local brands s here that you guys do not have (I don't think) such as Argon (, and Cervelo (

Basically, I'd like to know what you guys think of those different theories? Carbon or not?

I was thinking about the Giant Composite 0 for example...

Good or not?

re: What to buy???hudsonite
Aug 30, 2003 7:44 PM
First off, for the money you are looking to spend, you will have a problem. You will be able to buy the frame, but not a complete bike.

The Cervelo Carbon frame R2.5 will be no problem for your weight. I talked to one of the Cervelo owners about this very issue a month or so ago. He just laughed. They see no problem with a 200-210# rider. You may have a hard time finding it though. There are not many frames and fork combos available in the market. The price for the frame is about $1700US. And for your info, the frame is designed in Canada, but it is not manufactured in Canada. I have heard it is being done by a contract manufacturer in the US. But I have yet to find out where exactly.

The Argon18 Platinum is another nice Carbon frame. It is made by Martec in Taiwan. They are known to build very good quality carbon frames. The design is Canadian, but the actual frame is made overseas. You will need to spend at least $4000CDN for a complete bike. Again, your weight should not be a problem for this frame design.

Before you make any decisions, try out a bike at a dealer. I am sure you will be happy with these Carbon frames.

If you are really concerned about the weight issue, look at the Trek 5200/5500 frames. They are very strong and guaranteed for life for the original buyer. In other words, if you break it, they replace it for you. And you will quickly find out that they are the best value in Carbon bikes.