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Tour of Mt. Rose(31 posts)

Tour of Mt. Roserwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:04 AM
Mt Rose is a fairly high pass within riding distance of our house. There are other rides in the area I prefer to do as the road is a little narrow and the traffic sometimes heavy. Today (actually yesterday now) looked like a good time to tackle it, soo off we go...

I love these early morning shadows
This is what passes for a bike lane around here...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:06 AM
Oh quit complaining...gf99
Aug 30, 2003 11:14 AM
That looks like at least four inches. Where I live the white line IS the edge of the pavement.

Nice pics.
What is a white line? ;-) nm.Dutchy
Aug 31, 2003 11:14 PM
The Reindeer Lodge...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:09 AM
This place used to be a jumpin' night spot about a third of the way up the hill. I saw Elvin Bishop and Norton Buffalo there, and have some memories of good it appears to be closed and mostly a museum of old 'stuff'
OK, I gotta stop for a minute...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:11 AM
We're starting to gain some elevation.
OK, I gotta stop for a minute...tmotz
Aug 30, 2003 9:15 AM
Where is Mt.Rose?
It sure looks nice compared to flat Toledo,Ohio.
I sure miss Phoenix after seeing those pictures.
We're in Reno NV. Mt. Rose is to the Southwest of town...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:35 AM
I think the peak is somewhere around 10,500 or so.
Are we there yet?rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:51 AM
Ahhhh...the joys of riding in Toledo, OhioPaulCL
Aug 30, 2003 9:56 AM a Toledo?? Hmmmm...let me rethink that one.

I used to live in Toledo when I went to MCO. Very flat. Not too exciting riding. I had just started occasionally riding when I lived there. It was a good place to start. If you want some hills...head south to my state: Kentucky. We have lots of hills to share.


...and those ride shots are great. I wish I had a mountain or two nearby.
At the top...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:15 AM
Feeling a little dizzy here hehehe. Base elevation at our house is about 4300. I think to here is about 23 miles as a guess. The bulk of the climb is about twelve miles or so. It's a little chilly for the descent, so the shirt comes off to dry in the breeze.
I really like this DSrwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:17 AM
a great riding bike and sooo pretty in the high altitude sun.
More pics of the bike please!!! n/mBonked
Aug 30, 2003 4:15 PM
More pics of the bike please!!! n/mrwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 5:32 PM
Here's another.....rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 5:38 PM
Beutiful frame! How old is it? nm.TNRyder
Aug 30, 2003 5:42 PM
Thanks, it's a '97.........nmrwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 8:19 PM
A view from near the top, on the way down...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:21 AM
Yes, this is the road we came up. Going down is a blast, there are several hairpin curves labeled at 20mph for the cars, but we can take at 30-35 on the bike. Whoo-hoo!
A favorite spot just south of town...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:22 AM
You can see in the background the hill we did...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:25 AM
It's just to the left of the farthest left peak.
Ooops, some sort of trouble...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:27 AM
A landscaping truck and an SUV had a disagreement. Fortunately nobody hurt.
Ahh, my favorite post ride recovery chow...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:33 AM
We have a place near home that has the best Burritos in the Universe, 'Super Burrito' If you're ever in Reno, stop on by. I like to split one down the middle and load it up with salsa, onions, hot sauce; spicy pickles, carrots and jalepenos, oregano and dried peppers top it off. Yummy

Have a great weekend!

On the way out of town...rwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 9:50 AM
The dry dusty burg.
Great Report, Nice Ride, Thanks (NM)Scot_Gore
Aug 30, 2003 1:42 PM
Nice report, now I am missing my MTNs in TN! None in TX! nm.TNRyder
Aug 30, 2003 2:34 PM
Try the Ft. Davis race next Spring and you might change yer mindTig
Aug 31, 2003 9:27 AM
Nope, TX doesn't own many mountains, but if you miss climbing, try riding the Vanderpool highway or the Ft. Davis stage race. You'll be sick of climbing after that race!
Waaait a minute... that looks like downhill to me! ;-)......nmrwbadley
Aug 31, 2003 6:46 PM
So why didn't you go down the other side and come back up??gray8110
Aug 30, 2003 10:26 AM
That's how you ride a mountain pass you know - we all want to see Tahoe!!

Seriously, looks like a great ride - great photos.
You're right, I wanted to, but time not on my side today...nmrwbadley
Aug 30, 2003 1:34 PM
Hope you had more amenable temperatures than I did today.gray8110
Aug 30, 2003 2:55 PM
I went for a modest 40 mile ride - 10 minutes into the ride I switched to the temperature & the temp was 102. That just sapped the energy out of my legs on the the moderate climbs. Gotta get out earlier.
Nice pics! nmMike P
Aug 30, 2003 4:03 PM