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Crashed hard, got help from others - thanks to all!(2 posts)

Crashed hard, got help from others - thanks to all!StevenB
Aug 29, 2003 10:30 PM
Last night I went for my usual solo weekday loop ride, and my front wheel slipped out on a downhill curve. I was probably only going 10 or 15 mph, but smacked my face pretty hard on the pavement. Within 2 minutes, there were proably a half dozen other riders stopped by the side of the road to help out. everyone was SO supportive, lending jackets to stop me shivering, advice and encouragement to stave off panic as I bled all over myself. Those folks may not see this message, so I'll offer it to our community in general - thank you! to anyone who's ever stopped to help out a hurt rider.

FWIW, Alta Bates in Oakland gives great anesthetic and ties sweet stitches. I look like I was in a bar fight...lots of empathy from coworkers, and nervous looks from strangers on the street ;-)
re: Crashed hard, got help from others - thanks to all!Jack9
Aug 29, 2003 11:52 PM
Glad you weren't hurt too badly. Every time I stop to rest, people stop and even make u turns to ask if I'm all right.
And Alta Bates is a great hospital, I was born there.