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m2¢ for "Slap in the face" Sirius(1 post)

m2¢ for "Slap in the face" Siriuscoonass
Aug 29, 2003 3:29 PM
I enjoy saving money as well as everyone else...the LBS was definitely out of line for losing his cool, but the economics of 'price matching' from a LBS vs. even a small internet source is almost out of the question; especially from a giant such as Performance, CC, Excel, etc. They purchase products by the hundreds, not by the LBS quantities of 10, 25 or 50, so naturally they get the big discount that the LBS doesn't may cost the LBS $95 for the same item that the giant pays $70 (or less).....this applies to everything in life...even products relative to your profession. If you shop even semi-regularly at a LBS, you should expect a 'discount' as a repeat customer, but you're gaining more by developing a relationship with the LBS that will come to your aid when you can't/or don't have time to repair your bike. I'm not associated with an LBS, but I do support them....and I shop around to save money too. What's the old saying: "To make a million dollars at the end of the year as a LBS owner, you have to start out with two million" We're all developing the 'Wal-mart mentality' and that's why all of the local, home-owned businesses are shutting their doors....Wal-mart buys by the train load, and TELLS the vendor how much Wal-mart will pay for the product, and if they don't like it, then they should step aside because there are plenty of vendors that will agree to the pricing. (I'm not preaching, just trying to soften the attitude in price matching)

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