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Which bike 2004 Cannondale R1000 or 2003 Litespeed Hyperion(6 posts)

Which bike 2004 Cannondale R1000 or 2003 Litespeed HyperionKlein1999
Aug 29, 2003 6:34 AM
I am helping a friend pick out his first roadbike and he has it narrowed down to 2. He is looking at the 2004 Cannondale R 1000 double or the 2003 Litespeed Hyperion. The price is the same ($1700) and the components are basically the same and they both fit. Which bike would you choose and why? I think he is leaning toward the Litespeed because he likes the color better and he has a Litespeed mountain bike. I told him that Cannondale is probably one of the best if not the best aluminum bike made but I really don't know much about Litespeed Aluminum bikes. He would like to go with a LS Ti roadbike but he wants new and $1700 is about his limit. He is also a big guy 6'3" and about 225


The choice is his to make....biknben
Aug 29, 2003 7:56 AM
Well if the bikes are relatively the same for the same price then, guess what...they are the same.

If I had a certain brand MTB bike that I really liked I would go with the same brand Road bike. Loyalty is nice.
Both great bikes...consider resale value?Mg1
Aug 29, 2003 8:47 AM
When I bought a bike this summer I researched the same bikes. they do compare well, but if there is any advantage I would say the Litespeed has better resale, judging from 15-20 auctions that I followed on Ebay.

FWIW, I ended up with a 2002 Cannondale R900 that I found at my LBS. It was the owner's ride, mint with ~500 miles for an even grand (sweet deal...he even swapped out the seat for me at half price). I've logged ~1500 miles and love the bike. I highly recommend it.
My 2 cents - what about a triple?Sprint-Nick
Aug 29, 2003 9:28 AM
Hey Mike,

I looked at the specs for the Litespeed from 2003 (2004) not up yet and the Cannondales and I have a couple questions that might help you and your friend decide:

1) you may have already considered this but at 225 lbs would a triple suit him better? Double is more euro but there are times when even the best climbers wish they've had a triple. Then if it makes a difference the Cdale cogset is a 12-26 as opposed to a 12-25.
2) if you have the choice between the Mavic Cosmos (LS) and Ksyrium Elite (Cdale) go for the Ksyriums on the Cannondale. Many people will agree these are the most bomb proof wheels ever made... and once again factoring your friends weight into it this is pretty important.
3) be sure to compare frame warrantees. Cannondale has a lifetime warranty on their frames and are very stiff. With the Litespeed the carbon rear seatstay may become a problem at some point.

Also try to ride both bikes. In theory the Litespeed should be less stiff than the Cannondale but the only way to see is to ride it.

Good luck,
He was able to ride both?JFR
Aug 29, 2003 9:43 AM
That's great considering his size. I'm 6'3 (185lb) and have found test ride options to be pretty slim.

I'm no expert, a mtb crossover newbie myself, so FWIW...

I considered the Hyperion very seriously when shopping for my bike back in May. EVERYTHING I read and heard was super posititive.

I spoke with a guy my size in Colorado that was very experienced and a super strong rider. He had just sold his Ti LS frame because it was too flexy for him, he replaced it with a Hyperion frame and he digs it. He claimed it was very stiff, yet wasn't harsh.

I also talked to LS themselves a little about the manufacturing of that frame. It's done in Taiwan of course, in one of the factories that only does "high-end" U.S. company frames. The aluminum matieral and tubes are propiertary, as is the welding process (and the welds do look really good).

The Hyperion, IMHO, is a pretty nifty bike for the $. It has neat multi shaped tubes (if you're into that), a cool paint color/scheme (subjective), carbon fork and seat-stays, and full Ultegra to boot! I did not have the opportunity to ever ride one however.

I also considered the R1000. Nice bike. A little more traditional looking (round tubes), especially if your friend is looking at the black color option. I did get to ride one of these, and I liked it. It felt a lot stiffer compared to the other bike in my size at that shop, a steel Lemond Buenos Aries.

I ended up stumbling on a real good deal on an Alum Italian bike that is stiff like the R1000. I ride mostly smooth asphalt connected by some some pretty rough stuff. If I always rode the rough stuff, I might want something more forgiving. But for most roads, the stiffness factor is good.

I don't think your friend can go wrong with either bike if he is looking for an efficient ride on the stiffer side of things (a good idea for big guys who plan on mashing the pedals and going fast I think).

I'd leave up to cosmetic prefrence.
I faced the same decision...sort ofmlbd
Aug 29, 2003 10:52 AM
Back in the winter I wanted a new bike for the racing season. It came down to 3 choices: a 2002 LS Sirius (same as the '03 Hyperion except with Spinergy wheels and compact geometry); a cannondale CAAD5 from; or a 2003 C'dale R1000. I went with the Litspeed and love it (except the damn spinergy wheels). I was nervous about it since Litespeed just started making aluminum frames, but after 2000 miles of hard training and 7 races, I think the frame is fantastic. Smooth and stiff with nice welds. Two of my teamates have LS aluminum (1 '02 Hyperion and 1 '02 Atlas) and they both really like it too.

Cannondale makes great frames but they are super stiff. The LS is probably a little smoother in it's ride characteristics. Either is great choice, but I'd go with the LS.

Good luck.