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Is this a good deal?(5 posts)

Is this a good deal?bmateo
Aug 29, 2003 5:39 AM
I am mostly a Mountainbiker, but have really had the bug to get a road bike. Main goals are to be able to do some nice recreational rides. Mostly in the 40-60 mile range, and potentially entering some century events. I will NOT race, I am more interested in enhancing my conditioning, technique and endurance for MTB, and in being able to ride when it rains all the time.

My initial plan is to purchase a basic bike (Giant, Specialized, Trek, etc) in the $1000 range. The more I read, the more I am interested in a Steel frame.

So that is the background, here is the opportunity, any comments are welcome:

[email from seller]:
I changed out the stem and tweaked the fit until it worked for me. I
don't know what year model the bike is because I bought it used - but it is a Giordana frame. The drivetrain is older Shimano series 600 - still working great. Eight-speed with STI shifters. The cassette has a 25 largest cog - don't know what the smallest is (bike isn't here at the moment.) Front is typical 39. I had the frame (steel) sandblasted and repainted two years ago by an auto paint shop - they did a nice job.
It is dark, dark blue metallic. The wheels are two-years old - Shimano 105s - nice set. New cranks (Ultegra, I think) and bottom bracket two years ago. Look pedals, and I'll throw in a two-year old pair of Diadora size 44 shoes to get you started, plus the computer already on it.

I guess that about covers it. I'm thinking $650, but that is definitely negotiable. I'll be glad to let you take her for a test ride. The bike rides great - steel is a nice ride - especially once you get her rolling with those wheels. I just found a deal on a 10 speed aluminum and carbon bike that was too good to pass up, so I jumped on it. I wasn't unhappy with "Midnight."
Forgot to mention, I'm 5'8"bmateo
Aug 29, 2003 6:03 AM
The frame is 55cm
My basic rule of thumb...Marketing Dept
Aug 29, 2003 7:08 AM
As far as fit, I am 5'8 and a 55 (c to t) fits me like a custom ride. But I also prefer to be stretched out a little over the 55.5 or 56 top tube. I think you will be OK where fit is concerned.

Now, the bike, good deal?

For the components, age and component level, my first impulse is that this may be a bit high. My rule of thumb is that it is a good deal to find an Ultegra 9 speed STI ride for $650.00. If I find one with a name brand frame, I usually will buy it.

105 Wheelset is ok, not great.
The repaint hurts the bike in my book unless all of the original decals have been restored as well.

Not buying from the original owner

Out dated 600 STI, Don't get me wrong, but I find that they will either last forever or will cause problems and need to be replaced. Since you don't know the entire history of the bike, I would plan on needing replacements in a year or so.

This is a big one, being able to test ride it may be the deciding factor. Like I said, I have a basic set of rules, but that really deals with buying without actually being able to really inspect and ride the bike. Being able to go over it and ride it may be worth the extra cash.

The extra's, the shoes (if the right size) and pedals helps support the $650.00.

Before you buy, go by the LBS's in your town and check out the bulletin boards for other used deals. I really work the used market quite hard. If you know what to look for and where to look, there are better deals.

My last 3 bikes I purchased last month were:

2002 Trek 5500 OCLV, full ultegra with velocity wheels, 18lbs --- $725.00

1999 Trek Y-66 OCLV, full ultegra with Rolf Vector Comps ---$625.00

1998 Lemond Zurich, full ultegra with Rolf Vector Comps --- $550.00.

So, if you look, you could do better.

If it would not insult the seller, I would offer $550.00 tops...
Can I just take you shopping with me?bmateo
Aug 29, 2003 8:12 AM
You found some awesome deals:
My last 3 bikes I purchased last month were:

2002 Trek 5500 OCLV, full ultegra with velocity wheels, 18lbs --- $725.00

1999 Trek Y-66 OCLV, full ultegra with Rolf Vector Comps ---$625.00

1998 Lemond Zurich, full ultegra with Rolf Vector Comps --- $550.00.

Thanks for the advise, it is quite consistent with what my local riding buddies told me. (Basically, Find a better used deal, or buy new...)
The Used market is weird!TNRyder
Aug 29, 2003 2:37 PM
Just recently I was shopping for a Road bike as well. I found a mid '90s Trek 1220 locally and went to look it over. Offered the lady $175.00 for it and she balked. A few days later while buying a new bike at the local shop I came across a guy picking up that very same bike after having some work done to it. Just out of curiosity I asked what he payed for it. $175.00! Guess he was cuter than me!