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Which size Bianchi for a tall guy?(3 posts)

Which size Bianchi for a tall guy?Herms
Aug 28, 2003 11:52 PM
I'm 6'3'' and I currently ride a 61cm Fuji Roubaix that has a 59cm TT. I'm looking into getting the Bianchi SL3 aluminum frame with the centaur 10 speed components. I'm just unsure whether or not to get the 61cm or 63cm. I have a 35.25 in. cycling inseam. Proportionally I have a longer torso and therefore am leaning towards the 63 which has a 59.5cm TT. Also, the 63 has a 34 in. standover height (much higher than my current bike), am I going to have enough TT clearance?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Also, why is it that I see two totally different sets of Bianchi bikes at these two Bianchi web sites? (There are many more frames and bikes and choices of sizes at
re: Which size Bianchi for a tall guy?PMC
Aug 29, 2003 3:52 AM
The standover may be somewhat less than listed due to a semi-compact frame design. I have a EV2 which is listed in the catalog with a 33 inch standover but the true standover is more like 32 or even a little less. I'm pretty sure they measure up near the headtube rather than where you'd actually stand while on the bike.

FWIW - I'm 6'1" with a 35.25 cycle inseam and ride a 59. The TT is 57.5 and I run an 80 degree ITM 120mm stem (20mm spacer) with classic shallow drop bars and Record levers. It fits like a glove.
My $.02's worth:Alexx
Aug 30, 2003 5:29 AM
I'm 6'2", and I prefer a 62cm frame (or something close to that). I've actually ridden a Bianchi cyclocross frame that size, and thought it was great. Those aluminum frames in that size, though, are incredibly noodly. My local roadie shop had one they had just built up for resale, and I took it for a ride-couldn't stand it! That frame felt like it was made of tinfoil! I can't imagine that it would last more than 1 year.
FWIW, it was quite light for a large frame, but if you are looking for durability in a larger aluminum frame, you are probably better off with a Cannondale.