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Gear Slipping(4 posts)

Gear Slippingchang100
Aug 28, 2003 9:07 PM
I got a Cannondale R400 two months ago and I've been riding daily. The last two days the 5th sprocket from the left on the cassette has been slipping every revolution, making that gear useless. I'm new to road bikes and don't know much about the technical details, can I get some help diagnosing the problem? I didn't see any broken teeth, and it slips no matter which front chainring I'm using. All the other gears work fine. Could it be a derailleur problem? I've heard the Tiagra components aren't so good. Thanks for the help.
re: Gear SlippingdeHonc
Aug 28, 2003 10:18 PM
When your chain slips on a rear cog, it is usually because that cog has worn out. If your bike has had a new chain added, it will slip on worn cogs. If this is the case, you have two options. You can keep riding it and eventually the chain will mesh with the worn cog or you can buy a new cassette (rear cog cluster) assuming you cannot replace the individual cog.

If the bike is new, unless you have riden it 2000 plus miles, I'd be supridsed if its worn out - In this case your cables have probably stretched and you need to go to the LBS and get it adjusted unless you can do this yourself.

Good luck!

re: Gear SlippingMXL02
Aug 29, 2003 7:42 AM
If it is a new bike, it is most certainly stretched cables,and usually the LBS will adjust it for free. BTW, tiagra is pretty fair gruppo, especially compared to what was available 10 years ago.
I agree, but also checkMisJG
Aug 29, 2003 10:57 AM
I agree about the cables, but also check your chain. You may have a tight link that just needs to be lubed. Since you said it doesn't skip on a smaller cog, it is most likely just a small cable adjustment. Try turning the barrell adjuster in small increments to see if that fixes your problem. A new bike will ususally come with free 'break-in' tune ups. Definately take advantage of those if you can't do the work yourself!