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Anyone use the Ciclosport Hac 4 HR monitor?(3 posts)

Anyone use the Ciclosport Hac 4 HR monitor?Natchez
Aug 28, 2003 8:17 PM
I am looking to by a heart rate monitor and thought the power feature on this Ciclosport Hac 4 would be nice. I know that it is virtual watts but does it work? Any advice?

re: Anyone use the Ciclosport Hac 4 HR monitor?torquecal
Aug 29, 2003 4:21 PM
I have one. It's a very nice bike computer with some nice features. However, the power is calculated, and it's an estimate that's missing some very important inputs like wind direction and speed. It gives readings much like what you can get off of So, if you're serious about power training I'd stay away from the HAC4. However, if you're somebody that's just into the numbers then it's other features plus the power calculation might interest you.

A couple of other points to be concerned about. The software that comes with it has some impressive capabilities but no manuals and limited 'Help' files. So the learning curve is pretty steep (I've been using it almost daily for 3 months now and I'm still finding out new features and functions). The serial port data transfer can work easily or very intermittently, depending on the computer. I've attached mine to 3 different computers and in the worst case I've had to push the two left buttons simultaneoulsy 30 to 40 times before a download would begin. On the best it seems to start download on the first try every time.

The handlebar mount can be problematic if you get the cadence option (Note: the non-cadence option mount is fine). The cadence option mount is extremely weak and required zip tie reinforcement even before the first trial ride.

The altimiter is extremely accurate. While it is barometric (meaning it will vary by up to 30 or 40 feet of elevation depending on the local weather conditions), it is extremely accurate. I work in a calibration lab and was able to compare mine to some very impressive absolute pressure standards and it worked out much more accurate than it's resolution all the way from -200 feet to a 13,300 feet.

Bottom line: if you're a recreational cyclist that likes to be able to see and review and save a lot of data then the HAC4 is a great option. If you are a racer, or just serious about your training you probably want one of the devices that actually measures power. The current issue of Velo News has a roundup review of the power measurement devices available.
re: Anyone use the Ciclosport Hac 4 HR monitor?Natchez
Aug 30, 2003 12:17 PM
Thanks Good Review