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Some NewB Questions(3 posts)

Some NewB QuestionsHedgehog
Aug 28, 2003 3:33 PM
I am a long time Mountain Biker that has just bought a road bike (Cannondale R800 Double) and have a few questions I hope someone could answer.

1. My Bike came with paired spoke wheels (Gipiemme Grecal Parade). Do these wheels have a weight limit? I am 210 lb and am a little concerned. Also, what is the technique to true them, I have trued normal wheels is it the same?

2. I have long legs and short torso so I need a short stem, what is the shortest stem reach for road bikes? What is the disadvantage of having a short stem?

3. Is it possible to find some pedals that are compatible with my mtb shoe cleats SPD?

Aug 28, 2003 4:08 PM
Hey Hedgehog

Congrats on the road bike purchase. I'm loving mine.

As far as your pedal question... I'm using Ritchey Logic Pro Pedals with my mountain shoes and am perfectly happy with them.

Here they are on sale, in black OR silver :)
re: Some NewB QuestionsSpoiler
Aug 28, 2003 7:37 PM
1. The bike shop should have the limits on the wheels. That's not an answer, but if you were anywhere close to the limit, they damn-well better have told you.

2. 90mm stems are the shortest widely available. The Look Ergostem is a fully adjustable stem. The logic is that if you need a 80mm stem, you need a better fitting frame. Some of this depends on the fork rake, but shorter stems offer quicker handling, but sacrifice stability.

3. Nashbar and Performance brands might. The major pedal makers offer distinctive cleats for road and mountain. Let me guess, you'd rather buy a spd road pedal so you don't have to guy a second pair of shoes?
You'd be better off just buying an identical pair of mtb pedals and using them until you can buy a dedicated set of road shoes and pedals.

Is there a chance you'll enjoy road biking enough to justify buying dedicated road shoes and pedals? If so, you will save money by making the jump now.