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Any of you O.C. riders ever ridden to Irvine Regional Park?(4 posts)

Any of you O.C. riders ever ridden to Irvine Regional Park?maurizio
Aug 28, 2003 3:09 PM
I frequently visit my sister in law in O.C. and I've noticed a road (viewing from the 241 toll) that leads to the Irvine Regional Park.
This looks like a good ride. Have any of you done it? What's the best route from RSM?
How long is the ride?
You mean out beyond Santiago Reservoir?The Walrus
Aug 28, 2003 4:04 PM
From RSM, I guess the most direct route would be Santiago Cyn Rd; it runs straight to Irvine Regional Park, and I'm guessing it's what you're seeing from the toll road. Haven't ridden it, but I'm told it's a workout.

An alternative would be dropping down to Irvine Bl (say, on Alicia Pkwy), and riding through Irvine to Jamboree Rd, then going north until you get to Santiago Cyn Rd., right by the park gate.
From RSM its....270bullet
Aug 28, 2003 6:01 PM
mostly downhill and a lot of fun. From RSM take Santa Margarita Parkway to El Toro Road - turn right and keep on riding. This turns into Santiago Canyon Road. Ride on this road for about 14 miles to Irvine Regional Park. For a variation turn off of Santa Margarita road onto Marguerite Road. On Sunday's go to Rock n Road Cyclery at 7:30 (I think thats the ride time). You can ride "reverse Como" which is a lot more climbing but takes you back through the Canyon. Bascically it's the reverse of the ride I'll describe.

A third option is to ride further into RSM on Santa Margaritta Parkway and turn left onto Plano Trabuco Road - which turns into Trabuco Canyon road, which turns into Live Oak Canyon Road. Follow this road up through Live Oak Canyon. It is a lot of climbing but a beautiful ride. Live Oak comes out at the Cook Corner Junction to Santiago Canyon Road. Turn Right and keep riding.

Once you cross over the toll road you'll come to Jamboree Road. Turn right to go to Irvine Regional Park - turn left to continue on the loop.

Ride Jamboree down to Portola. Stay on Portola to Sand Canyon. Turn Right. Ride down to Irvine Blvd. Turn Left. Stay on Irvine Blvd to Bake. Turn Left. Climb Bake to Portola (portola does not go all the way through). Ride Portola back to RSM - Portola turns into Rancho Santa Margaritta Parkway after it crosses El Toro. About a 40 - 60 mile ride all together depending on where you start and which loop you take - long or short.

Sunday's and Saturday group rides go through here all the time. Go to Rock n Road Cyclery to get the ride times.
Oh, yeah--the distance...The Walrus
Aug 28, 2003 5:06 PM just about 20 miles one-way, maybe a little longer (but
i much
flatter) along the second route. For your first ride, you might want to think about a clockwise loop, riding through Irvine, up to the park and then returning along Santiago Cyn; there's a lot of climbing, but the grade up to Modjeska Summit isn't as steep going this way as it is coming from the other side.

Incidentally, for a point of orientation/navigation: Santiago Cyn Rd (OC Highway S18) is El Toro Rd at the point where it crosses the toll road at RSM.