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UNREAL experience with a bike company! (Good stuff!)(6 posts)

UNREAL experience with a bike company! (Good stuff!)Zonic Man
Aug 28, 2003 9:00 AM
I called Independent Fabrications on the 12th of this month, explaining that I was going on vacation on the 5th (honeymoon in Tuscany) and that I would like to purchase one of their bikes. I was VERY doubtful, however, Josh, a customer service dude at the shop, said "talk to Matt Bracken, he'll see what's up."

I spoke to matt, sent some faxes to him with my dimensions and what not, and IN THAT PHONE CONVERSATION, he had some drawings back to me of what we thought the frame concept should be for my ride.

He said, "we'll be building it tommorrow", I've heard of that before from frame companies with the old "yeah buddy, we'll take care of you" deal, so needless to say I was skeptical at best, especially going custom.

But Matt knew the importance of the honeymoon timing, since he is going to be married soon, and he rushed me through. There WAS an upcharge, but I had to beg him to take some extra money out of consideration for his speedy work!

Sure enough, we also picked out some parts for the rig, which Matt had shipped out the VERY NEXT DAY (and to think all the parts were in the box AND were the right sizes!) to me, as Matt put it to, "make sure there are no surprises."

Well, Matt gave me some check in dates to see how the bike was coming along, and I called those 2 dates...finally, on monday, the second date he gave me, he said, AS PROMISED..."your frame has shipped, here's your tracking number, it'll be there by Wed."

Yes, the frame did show up yesterday. And yes, everything was in order. I've bought numerous framesets from companies and NEVER have I had a bike be so meticulously prepped and ready to go. Everything was done correctly, from the facing to the packaging of the bike. Impressive.

So the bottom line is this: IF is the real deal. They will not lie to you. They will stay true to their word regarding their bikes and availabilities/ship times. They will take care of you, the customer.

IF rocks in my book. Great company to deal with.

(You're still not ever going to pull my Jericho hardtail from my hands, IMHO Josh Ogle builds the sweetest damn MTB hardtails I've ever ridden....)
Post some pictures! nmgf99
Aug 28, 2003 9:43 AM
re: UNREAL experience with a bike company! (Good stuff!)My Dog Wally
Aug 28, 2003 9:51 AM
When I was ready to buy my dream bike, I narrowed the choices down to a Serotta Legend Ti, Indy Fab Ti Crown Jewel, and Seven Axiom Ti. I test rode the Seven and Serotta and thought they were wonderful, but the one IF dealer in town didn't have a test bike for me. So I called IF and spoke to Matt Bracken who -- get this! -- offered to ship me a bike so that I could test ride it. After test riding their bike, I thought the Seven and the IF were a notch above the Serotta (a little too stiff for me), and I went with the IF because they made it clear (via their generous test-ride offer) they wanted me as a customer. I ordered a Ti Crown Jewel from them and they were bang on the deadlines and answered every one of my questions along the way. Working with Indy Fab is just about the best buying experience I've ever had.
You guys are throwing a monkey wrench into my plans...innergel
Aug 28, 2003 2:07 PM
to buy a Seven Alaris. With all this talk of how great IF has been, I will have to now take a serious look at a Ti Crown Jewel before I make my purchase.

I should have known to never look at this site once you think you have a decision made. There is always some great post on here that makes you think you need to look at something else "just in case".
You guys are throwing a monkey wrench into my plans...My Dog Wally
Aug 28, 2003 2:26 PM
I've had my Ti Crown Jewel since May, and I get a smile on my face every time I swing my leg over the top tube. If you decide to get one, you'll love dealing with these guys. Tell them Dennis from Seattle (with the root beer-colored Ti Crown Jewel) sent you. Enjoy!

- Dennis
Yes sir!the bull
Aug 28, 2003 6:06 PM
Pulling my IF out of its box and unwrapping it was one of the nicest experieces in my life.
It had the sweetest paint jobs I had ever seen!
The little gold flakes were awesome(Burned Orange paint).
Coolest mountian bike I ever owned! Man I hate my stiff back!