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Same Cost ~but~Very Different Bikes.. which should i get?(2 posts)

Same Cost ~but~Very Different Bikes.. which should i get?SeanKellys-reincarnate
Aug 27, 2003 8:08 PM
Hi there..

Time to buy a new bike!! (used mainly for club rides on the weekend.. and pretending i am in the Tour de France after work)

--In this corner--
***Litespeed Siena****
Titanium compact frame which is (according to the bike shops fit kit/test ) built for my body type..
shamino Ultegra equipped (see component link for complete bike setup) mavic cosmos wheelset, PDR-600 pedals
a pair of slick bottle cages and an upgrade to a carbon seatpost would be included.
total price incl taxes $4250 canadian....

And in this corner!!
***Bianchi EV2XL ~~
the link will show you the frame, which is aluminum without any carbon stays..
BUT it is complete Campy Record equiped bike.
a mavic ksyrium SL wheelset
mellenium ITM stem and bar
celeste green LOOK pedals (not sure what type.. it has the lil' dial on the back)
and the price is similar.. perhaps a couple hundred more depending on how well i can haggle.

I love the Ti frame.. the bianchi frame is the unknown quantity..
will i get the same performance out of the groupset?

I would love to hear any and all opinions on this decision
thankyou much!

hmmmAndy M-S
Aug 28, 2003 3:31 AM
Clearly, budget is no object--but first, tell us about you (weight, etc.) and your current riding (miles or km per week, etc)...and what bike are you currently riding, and how do you like it?