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Need some help finding and sizing a Bike(7 posts)

Need some help finding and sizing a Bikestillridn
Aug 27, 2003 6:03 PM
I am 6'3 with a 34.5 inch inseam. I have a long torso and I am wondering if the 61 cm Specialized Allez Comp is going to be too big for me. I like the fact it has a 59.5 TT.I will be bummed if I could have ridden the 58 because my LBD just sold the last one. I had him order a 61 three weeks ago (still waiting). I could also use help locating one if this guy doesnt come through quick. I like the parts spec and the compact geometry , but dont realy know how to size it.
61 should be corrrect...C-40
Aug 27, 2003 6:49 PM
Providing that you have correctly measured your cycling inseam to hard crotch contact in bare feet, a 59cm conventional frame (measured c-t) would be the recommended size. With conventional frames, a standover clearance of 4cm would be normal. You will have about 6cm of standover clearance, which is normal for a sloping top tube frame.

The 61cm specialized will provide a longer head tube (210mm), which is more appropriate for your height. With compact frames you have to pay attention to the head tube length to be sure it is similar to a conventional frame, or you could end up with an ugly setup requiring too many steering tube spacers and/or a high rise stem.

The 58cm frame would undoubtedly be too small.

For basic sizing, try
Thank You I can sleep better now. Just re-Measured inseam 35 incstillridn
Aug 27, 2003 7:03 PM
61 should be bestDorf411
Aug 27, 2003 7:01 PM
I have a similar sized body and concur the 61cm would be the best size, 58 would be quite small. I have the same bike you are looking at in the triple so it has the gray finish. I have put a 1000 miles on mine so far and I am very happy with it except I think I like steel bikes better. Anyway if your LBS doesn't come through and you were interested in the Gray Triple Aluminum bike let me know and maybe we can make a deal. Although mine has 1000 miles it is still in perfect condition and I would put new tires on it. Good luck and enjoy your new bike.

I'm 6'3" and ride a....High Gear
Aug 28, 2003 1:58 AM
62cm center to center. My inseem, measured with a 2" wide book crammed into the crotch and square to the wall is 35 and 3/4". I ride with a 9cm drop, saddle to bars. I like a shorter top tube than a 58cm. The frame sounds like it will fit you very well. Good Luck!
61 sounds just right, 58 might be a bit too smallDrone 5200
Aug 28, 2003 9:28 AM
You are about my size. I'm 6'3.25" with a 35.5" inseam from floor to crotch. I ride a 62 cm trek (measured c-t), it has a 59.2 cm top tube. I use a 130 mm stem with 2 cm of spacers. I think the 130 mm stem gives me a bit more strech than I need, I might go back to the 120. I like a 3.5" drop from saddle to bars. But less is ok too.
58 is too smallJFR
Aug 28, 2003 11:34 AM
I'm also 6'3, but with a little more leg / less torso than you.

I'm currently riding a 59 c-c st with a 57.5 c-c tt, a 130 stem, and a lot of drop from saddle to bar. The bike fit is working for me, but I sometimes wonder if 1cm more st & tt *might* have been better. I could NOT go any smaller. A little bigger maybe, but no smaller.

Also, I've ridden a 61 Allez Elite and it fit very well. I didn't see any point in even trying the 58. I'm sure with standard fit adjustments you'll dial the 61 fit in perfectly.

Enjoy your new bike!