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Ebay addiction(8 posts)

Ebay addictionfiltersweep
Aug 27, 2003 3:53 PM
Am I the only one?

I remember mocking ebay in the late 90s as I'd stroll past cubicle after cubicle of "office marms" tuned in to some black market beanie-baby auction- scoffing at the concept of ebay as their stock shot through the roof... that is... until I discovered what a swap meet it is for cycling products. Remember the good-old days when road bikes were NOT in a separate category from bmx and mtn bikes- when bikes were bikes? What a landfill that was!

Now I make a daily check... do I buy new pimped out Poggio 2 shoes or stick with Sidis? Where's a cheapo TT frame in my size? I'm past the point of buying clothing- since at least half of what I purchased I later sold on ebay.

I have more Velofles tires than I know what to do with (at $30 each) from euromike for the all black- then the odd red Pave for $15 !!!! One red tire... but it is a Pave... New... only $15!!!! I have enough tubes to start my own store. Heavier tubes for my wife (the Contis), latex for those special occasions... and butyl for general use. There is the HED Alp rear I picked up for about $150 direct from HED (which was a local pickup), the other HED from some random dude... the Kreitler rollers that got away (sold for only $120 for the all alloy model), the Schwalbe tires (just for the heck of it...$25 + shipping and they are about as good as Pro Races), then there are all the Pro Races I purchased the past few years... the Polar 720i, the Castelli PY2 bibs (euromike again), the Trek I SOLD on ebay (for more than it was worth)- all the funky old bike clothes I sold... the trashed leather boots that some S&M fetishist paid top dollar for (more than they cost new), used Sidis for $100 that I sold... the list goes on and on. I still want rollers and a cheap TT frame... maybe an 11-21 cassette so I can have a 16 without switching to a DA 10 next year... maybe I'll sell those HEDs... I'll probably make money on the deal. Too bad that Look bar tape didn't hold up better...

Anyone else have similar issues? Or do I just need a vacation?
You'll get over it....Alexx
Aug 27, 2003 4:41 PM
...after you've been ripped-off a few times.
Me 2flying
Aug 27, 2003 5:44 PM
But I get my veloflex tires from crit usa ;-)
Other than that the symptoms are the same.
i was looking at an 11-21 just yesterday...Frith
Aug 27, 2003 5:55 PM
I even thought about buying it because the seller was in my town. Here are my regular searches.
58 limited to road bike category
59cm and 57cm just in case
touring limited to road bike category
green limited to road bike category
yellow limited to road bike category
both of the above are for little bits and peices for a green and yellow marinoni fixie i want to build up just right.
the entire roadbike category of i can avoid
shipping charges that might be just the excuse i need to buy something utterly useless...
in short yes. I too am an ebay fiend.
Aug 27, 2003 6:03 PM
I'm embarrassed to mention I've been fixated on a fixie as well- but I'm thinking garage sale is a better source for a frame rather than some of the outrageous prices "vintage" frames receive.
Turn it into a careerbimini
Aug 28, 2003 4:30 AM
Turn your addiction into money.

Try selling. I sell a lot more than I buy on ebay. It more than pays for my "bike hobby".

I am always amazed by what you can sell old garage sale junk for on ebay. Or once you get a feel for the value of old items, how cheap you can buy prized collectibles for at garage sales. I look for stuff I know something about and then sell it. Buy for $5-$50. Sell for $20 to $1000. I get a kick out of watching the last 5 minutes of the auctions. It's better than gambling. (At least the odds are a lot better)

I did ebay full time for several months between jobs. Some months I could make more on ebay than on a real job.

Ain't America Wonderful. Free enterprise at work.
I have a friend who makes $20k/year on ebay on the side...JS Haiku Shop
Aug 28, 2003 4:51 AM
he has a specific set of things to buy at garage sales--hits them a couple weekends per month, goes very early, mass-lists stuff, and makes a ton of cash. it's a supplement to his very good-paying full time job.
The last item I sold on eBay ...HouseMoney
Aug 28, 2003 9:12 AM
was a used mountain bike handlebar that sold for more money than the exact same one goes for new! I just started with eBay last month, and have already cleaned out my junk closet of old dust-collecting bike parts to the tune of $300+ !!