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All males be warned!!!! dont do it.(1 post)

All males be warned!!!! dont do it.ishmael
Aug 27, 2003 11:23 AM
There is a startling corelation between the lowering birth rate of cacausians in America and the increase in cycling. Males are losing there ability to reproduce because of the ever increasing hardness of the latest high-tech saddle. We all must work to keep our race strong and do our part. I for one have found the Wtb sst saddle and I ride around as comfortable as could possibly, possibly be. And I do my part in other ways but thats none of my business. Why!! Why, my brothers and sistas must we sit on a fruit rind fatened with two metal sticks. Some inocent girl I know thought that hole in the bottom is where my balls go! They think we're sick! And some of us kinda are. But if you think I'm going to ride around in big cirlces while my testicals loose all there everything, youre as wrong as pavement for a critter, my knight in plastic, spandex, and styrofoam. Are you fast enough to dress like that. Yes, I know it's the most practical thing. Ever walk around with other people with all your gear on? And carrying your helmet is too much trouble so you wear it. And everyone looks at you. And then they look at your penis. And then you look at your penis. And then you say, yea it's not what you had planned to wear. Infact your thinking of leaving rather soon. But you drink your drink. And then youre feeling kinda goofy in your outfit so you have two more. And then your walking to the bathroom. Click,,, And then you hit a hidden spot of water or beer or you dont know what, and Snap! you've just completely spun your body 90 degrees yet youre still 3 foot above the ground. And then time slows. And then it's over. It's ok. You feel stupid but theres no serious pain. You deserved that. And now your wet. So you bend way over and pee with your bib on and you move back over to your people sounding like a very, very slowly moving horse.