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EBay ID theft Udate(2 posts)

EBay ID theft UdateSunnyBunny
Aug 26, 2003 7:24 PM
Hi about 2 weeks ago I post that Ebay suspended my account because they said someone is tampering with my email and password, and they want me to fax info to a 800 # to confirm my id. Thanks to the input from this board I try the slow and painful way of resolve the matter over emails.

Tonight a guy from Ebay call me at home and set everything straight, I only trust him when he is able to remove "not a registerd user" from My EBay and issue me a new password over the phone, which then I change promptly. He did mention that the fax # is legit but no way I am going to use it. After all that I have to change Yahoo, PayPal password etc.

I've learn 2 things : 1) Only deal with Ebay issue thru Ebay website, NEVER use other links. 2)Be very careful in cyperspace and do you researchs before bidding, then pray for everything to go right. Hint : Support your local bike shop.

Now i just need to shop for that Ksyrium SSC SL to put on my TCR2.
Aug 26, 2003 7:28 PM
What's a Udate? I mean Update! Riding in central Texas heat do things to your brain ;)