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Attn Philly suburban riders: Beware SEPTA(1 post)

Attn Philly suburban riders: Beware SEPTAGreenFan
Aug 26, 2003 6:27 PM
Yesterday I thought it was just a fluke when as I passed a bus (on the right in a very wide shoulder) that the driver squeezed me to within a foot of the curb and then opened the doors almost dooring me in the process. But today, in the same area, another bus purposely cut me off three times, the third time he was going about 35-40 mph, I was going about 30 and he squeezed me to within inches of cars parked within that same wide shoulder. That shoulder was also completely blocked just ahead by an extra wide landscaping truck and trailer combo. I took down the buses number, however by the time I got home, SEPTA's offices were closed. I will be on the phone to them tomorrow. It looks like SEPTA is looking for yet another's been awhile since their driver's have made the headlines. I just hope it's not me who gets killed.