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New to road bikes/pedal recomendation(33 posts)

New to road bikes/pedal recomendation-bob
Aug 26, 2003 10:56 AM
I've been an avid mountain biker for many years and just picked up a road bike. I know nothing about road pedals. I'm looking for a fairly light weight, easy in/out, resonably priced pedal. Any recomenations?
I love my BeBops.PEDDLEFOOT
Aug 26, 2003 11:17 AM
Very similair to Speedplay.Alot of float and super easy to get in and out of.Very easy to maintain and clean.
I want to love my BeBops...lemmy999
Aug 26, 2003 6:21 PM
but I can't buy them. I had a bike shop order them for me and they can't get in contact with them. They just get the voice mail. They have been trying for 1.5 weeks. I am sure the pedals are great if you can get them. I would hate to need warranty service though. I have tried calling Mr BeBop before and I have never gotten anything but voice mail and he won't return calls. Sometimes he answered email, but the reply seemed like a middle school kid wrote it.
Hate my Dura ACE SPD-R's nmlotterypick
Aug 26, 2003 11:22 AM
I love mineSprint-Nick
Aug 26, 2003 11:30 AM
Pedals are like saddles... no one fits everyone. Personally whereas to me other pedals feel sloppy even with a cleat with float the SPD-R's deliver a nice locked in sensation.

I just have such alotterypick
Aug 26, 2003 11:57 AM
hard time getting into the right one.

I tried changing cleat bolts to clear the way but still, just can get in so smooth.

I guess I'll just have to keep trying to get the "we are one" feeling with them.

Do have to say, once in them, they're get and no pain.
Few ideasSprint-Nick
Aug 26, 2003 12:52 PM
I got a couple ideas for you:

1) since you'r only having problems with the right foot have you backed the pedal tension off as far as it'll go?
2) try to grease the locking mechanism every couple rides while cleaning any dirt off the cleats.
3) contact shimano and complain... I'm not sure if you have the new of old SPD-R's but the new ones have a teflon claw to make getting out easier. I know my old ones on half tension I need to whack my foot out so I use them on the track while my new ones are too loose for the track.
4) all else fails go out to a field and just clip and clip out once or twice a week up to a certian number. Of course if it hurts your ankles then this isn't a good idea.

Hope one of these works for you!

re: New to road bikes/pedal recomendationJS Haiku Shop
Aug 26, 2003 11:29 AM
look pedals seem to be the slight majority. they are a bit large, one-sided, and the cleats are plastic (thus wear and must be replaced periodically). i have been using them for several years and am happy.

if you just want to get "into the game", 2-sided nashbar (wellgo) clipless spd mtb pedals can be had for $25, and mtb shoes are available at for a steal. i've been using this combination on the mtb, road in winter, 'cross, and other occasions, also for several years, with no problems, including performance and reliability of the $25 pedals (i have several pair).

there's nothing wrong with using mtb pedals on a road bike.
I like Speedplay Frogs on my road bike...PdxMark
Aug 26, 2003 11:35 AM
they easily meet your first two requirements. They just might not be "reasonably priced" relative to other pedals. I like using MTB shoes on my road bike for the ability to walk in them. Beware. Some here would call that Fred-like.
I like Speedplay Frogs on my road bike...Dougyowougy
Aug 26, 2003 12:00 PM
I use them also. Had to push my bike 5 miles while walking in regular road shoes and decided
to use frogs and mtb shoes after that.
I like Speedplay Frogs on my road bike...DERICK
Aug 26, 2003 7:33 PM
I use them on my roadbike also. They're light, have lots of float, are easy to get in and out of and have lots of clearance for cornering. Mostly I like wearing shoes I can walk in.
Look. nmNo_sprint
Aug 26, 2003 11:44 AM
Speedplay X series.cydswipe
Aug 26, 2003 11:46 AM
I was a die-hard SPD man. Then I tried the Speedplay X-2's. I will never use another type of pedal. I'd give them your utmost atention. Go with the model that suits your price range.
I agree.MKD
Aug 26, 2003 12:02 PM
I have the X-2's and have been really happy. These are the only road bike pedal I have used. I was using spd's on my mtn bike, but now use eggbeaters. I have put 3,500 miles on my X-2 pedals without any problems. There is a fair amount of float with them, good for your knees if you have problems. Some people don't like so much float, but I have never had a problem. Good luck searching.
Yup, X-2's all the way...shrEd
Aug 26, 2003 12:17 PM
I took a chance in getting these a few months ago w/o trying them - I bought them new, so I figured I could always return them if I had to - but no way, these are great pedals...Very easy to get into and out of which is especially nice if you ride in traffic...Getting out is such a natural movement, it's almost effortless, yet you're so secure while riding...My knees love the float...The only "weird" feeling is while standing on the pedals, i.e. while coasting, when you get the standing on ice feeling, but it's really not that bad...I strongly recommend them...

Oh yeah, I used to use Looks and I'll never go back!

Speedplay vs. BebopET
Aug 26, 2003 1:15 PM
I have X2s also and like them, but people are starting to rave about Bebop, claiming they're similar in performance and comfort to Speedplays, yet cheaper and without the drawbacks (awkward adaptor plate, pain-in-the-a@@ greasing, cleats that wear out, etc.). Anyone here who has used both like to comment?
Look's with black cleatsMR_GRUMPY
Aug 26, 2003 12:20 PM
None of this sissy float stuff. ....That's for off-roaders.
Look's with black cleatsThe Human G-Nome
Aug 26, 2003 12:50 PM
i've always had the red with float and never even considered the black. one day i went into my LBS and through a pair of black cleats on the counter and the wrench said "i wouldn't recommend those unless you're a cat1 racer. those will mess up your knees." huh? i race, but i fail to see how being a novice racer changes my ability to injure myself in relation to that of a pro. can someone enlighten me?
Look's with black cleatsMR_GRUMPY
Aug 26, 2003 4:39 PM
Before 1985, everyone has clips and straps than prevented "float." very few people had knee problems. The first few years that Looks were out, there were only "black" cleats without float. A few people who either couldn't adjust their cleats properly, or really had bad knees, began to get sore knees. As soon as Time began making a pedal system with lots of float, Look got worried. They were afraid of losing business, so they came out with their own "Float" system.
90% of riders could use black cleats, if only they took the time to get the cleats set up exactly.
Ask roadies a gear preference--get a lot of different answers!velocity
Aug 26, 2003 12:54 PM
If you're looking for easy in/out road pedals, Speedplay is probably what you should get.

Many of my friends swear by Speedplays but most use Look. Looks came with my Bianchi. As another formerly avid mtn biker, at first I found it annoying (and sometimes still do) that they're, like virtually all road pedals, one-sided.
re: New to road bikes/pedal recomendationmapei boy
Aug 26, 2003 1:07 PM
As you can see, all of us love our various pedals. I personally love my Campy Choruses. They're light. The bearing is baby smooth.

Even better, there are no quirks. I've never accidentally slipped out of them. Your cleat can be dirty and you'll still be able to clip in, no problem. (They will, however, squeak if there's too much dirt on the pedal-cleat interface.) You always know when you've clipped in, because they'll tell you with a nice loud "clack." When the spring is worn in a bit (something that takes about 20 in-outs), getting out of them is easy as pie. Yeah, the cleat is part plastic and it does wear. And yeah, the pedals do get scratched up. But so what.

As a side note, correct me please if I'm wrong, but any modern pedal will fit any modern crank arm. Put a Campy pedal on your 105 crank! Assert your right to mix n' match! Go a little cheaper and get Campy Centaurs!
I second Campy ProFit - 35K+ miles and no probs (nm)Kerry Irons
Aug 26, 2003 4:42 PM
re: New to road bikes/pedal recomendationDuc9
Aug 26, 2003 1:08 PM
Speedplay X-1. Best option on my bike.

I recomend Speedplays, but probably most important are pedals that are two sided ~ that's probably what you're used to.
Thanks and one more question.-bob
Aug 26, 2003 2:03 PM
Thank you for you're responses they have been very helpful. I use Time ATACS on my mtb so a double sided pedal is going to be my first choice. I hadn't considered the double sided and what I'm use to factor. I'll probably go with the X2's or Bebops.

I found some Carnac Quartz shoes in my size for $169. Seems like a good deal and I already use Carncac mtb shoes. Are there any compatibillity issues with Carnac and the X2's or Bebop?
I use Carnac shoes with my X-2's.MKD
Aug 26, 2003 4:16 PM
My Carnac mtb shoes ripped after one week, both shoes. Carnac was great about fixing them, After 1 1/2 years, I switched to Sidi's, Carnacs falling apart again. It may have been an issue of them being to narrow for my feet along with swelling during rides. Not sure? My Carnac road shoes have been okay, over 3500 miles on them. The only thing I don't care for is the scuffing on the toe box. They don't have any reinforcement there like ie. Sidi's. They are comfortable though. How are your Carnac mtb shoes holding up?
Carnac shoes-bob
Aug 26, 2003 5:04 PM
My Carnac mtb shoes have held up great for over two years but I wish they were a little wider. I was going to switch to Sidi's but the Carnac Quartz I found on sale fit like a glove and the price is good. When my mtb shoes die I will probably replace them with Sidi.
re: New to road bikes/pedal recomendationspankdoggie
Aug 26, 2003 2:42 PM
I have Speedplay X-2s, on my road bike and frogs on my mountain bike. Anybody recommending other pedals probably has never tried them. They are rock solid. Dude, you are getting the X2s.
Ultegra SPD-SL is a great pedalMr Nick
Aug 26, 2003 4:38 PM
-Pedal is fairly light.
-Bearings are super smooth.
-Even though they are single sided they are super easy to get in. I actually think they are easier to clip into then my old mtn spds.
-Plastic cleat that is just like LOOK, but has rubber feet that are very easy to walk on. They actually make walking in road shoes bearable.
-5 degrees of float is just right.
-very low profile for cornering.
-price is decent considering how nice the pedal is.
105 level of SPD-SL is on the way for '04. -nmTig
Aug 26, 2003 6:12 PM
Ultegra SPD-SL is a great pedalkomatiite
Aug 27, 2003 5:25 AM
i just got a pair of these from and absolutely love them! I have tried shimano spdr and look pedals. Look worked well, but these are a dramtic difference. more surface area=less hot spots. they feel more solid. The only thing i having gotten used to is the amount of float; my looks seemed to have quite a bit more.
IMPORTANT Speedplay info.cydswipe
Aug 26, 2003 5:18 PM
If you do indeed go with the Speedplay series. Get the caps for the cleats. I think they are called "Coffee caps" or something similar. They are well worth the extra $10 or so. Otherwise the cleats are slippery SOB's to walk in, if you can for long without damaging them. It's not a sales ploy. They are worth it!
Any shoe recommendations for wide feet?pomole
Aug 27, 2003 8:05 AM
while were on the topic of pedals, can anyone recommend a shoe that is good for those of us with wide feet? i think i am an E width, and all the ones i see at the shop look kinda narrow. also, should wide feet affect what pedal i would purchase? thx. -pomole.
Sidi MegaMKD
Aug 27, 2003 11:51 AM
I just bought a mtn bike pair and they are comfortable. I had Carnac before and they were pretty narrow and the side stitching ended up ripping. My Carnac road shoes however fit okay, not sure why mtn bike version was so narrow, same size.