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First Century Report(7 posts)

First Century Reportdirthead
Aug 26, 2003 9:39 AM
I rode my first century this past weekend. It was the Hotter'n Hell 100 in Wichita Falls, TX. My previous longest ride was 63 miles, which I had done several time. I live in central Texas. The terrain here is rolling hills and very hot. Wichita Falls is really flat, compared to central texas. I was really surprised at the speed gain from riding with so many others.

I bonked at mile 65. Tried to drink and eat, but just couldn't force myself to eat enough to keep my energy level up. My legs started cramping, I got nautious, and I could not stay in contact with anyone's wheel for the last 35 miles. There were fat guys riding mountain bikes passing me. I made it though, in 5 hrs 33 min., with an average speed of 18.4mph (very flat terrain). The total distance was 102.5 miles. I stopped at every rest stop past mile 60, and felt like dying at each one. The last 35 miles were the worst suffering I have ever been through.

The one thing I learned from this is: NUTRITION IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS TRAINING!!!!!! What you eat and drink during the first half of the ride will power you through the second half of the ride. Making yourself choke down another powerbar when you just don't want to is much better than bonking and suffering to finish.

The next purchase I will make is the book "Nutrition for Endurance Sports". It will probably be the best investment I have ever made, even better than my Fondriest or Fizik Aliante saddle.

Anyway, I have now joined the century club, and definitely paid my dues during the last 2 hours of the ride.
wooo hooo!JS Haiku Shop
Aug 26, 2003 9:52 AM
this is what i love to hear and/or read:

"the last xx miles were the worst suffering I have ever been through"

congrats on the ride.

if the book will make you feel better, so be it.

IME fueling is a matter of #1 finding what works for your body, and #2 consistency. stick to eating and drinking xx amount every xx minutes *without fail* and you will finish the ride STRONG LIKE OX provided there's no cramp between your ears.

try to take in around 12-24 oz/fluid per hour including electrolytes and 250-400 cal/hr of fuel (total, including sports drink cal).

word up and shout out to all ye new century riders.

I got religion after I bonked . . .ms
Aug 26, 2003 10:18 AM
I did several centuries without too much thought to hydration or nutrition -- I just ate and drank whatever was at the rest stops and made sure my water bottles were filled when I left the rest stop. Then I bonked at the 103.5 mile mark of a 105 mile "century." I don't want to do it again. Now, I think about what I am drinking and eating (and remember to do it often, even if I am not feeling thirsty or hungry). Although I think that it is a good idea to read what the nutrition gurus say, the important thing is to find out what works for you -- not all of us are alike. For example, I do not tolerate some sports drinks very well. Also, I have learned that I cannot live on Clif Bars alone -- I need some solid, real food along the way. Training rides are not only to strengthen yourself, but to experiment with hydration and nutrition.

BTW: I averted a near bonk with coca-cola and potato chips once (not my idea at the time, but someone nearby suggested it). Since then, I have relied upon coca-cola for a boost several times during the last 10-20 miles of a century. Health food it ain't, but it works for me.
Aug 26, 2003 10:50 AM
I did my first century this past Saturday as well. It was so great to finally achieve that I've been a little giddy all week.

Like you, I've also learned the importance of consistent hydration and refueling. My first two attempts ended at 88 and 92 miles, respectively.

Unlike my marathoning, where the designated "pit stops" every 2-4 miles serve as a time to drink cue, I've learned that I have to really make a point to remind myself to drink regularly on the bike. The stops are too far apart and it's easy to get focused on the bike and forget the bottles are there.

Congrats again!!!
My 5th HHHChen2
Aug 26, 2003 11:17 AM
Your time was very good for this ride, better than mine, but I suspect you are much younger than me. I did the first 60 miles in 2 hours 50 minutes. Then the last 40 took four hours. I avoided the cramps with salt in my Gatorade but like you, didn't eat enough, hardly anything really. So, of course, I bonked at 75 and spent too much time in the rest stops.
Reserved my room and payed in advance for the 2004 HHH.
Way to go dirthead! How did you like...SlowFast
Aug 26, 2003 11:33 AM
The overall experience of the HHH? I enjoyed the consumer show Friday (my girlfriend was on a buying roll), and the "carb load" spaghetti dinner that night was fun and filling, if not delicious. Saturday morning was memorable for me... the lining up an hour early with my teammates so we could start in the first few hundred riders (of over 7500 total). The Star Spangled Banner followed by the awesome low level fly-over of the Air Force jets was quite inspiring. Finally, the cannon blast to start the ride. And what a ride it was!

I hope you enjoyed the events, and the challenge, as much as I did. Congrats!
re: First Century ReportTNRyder
Aug 26, 2003 6:46 PM
Congrats on your first century! I did my 1st century that day too. Like you the farthest I had ever done was a metric century, but that was in the hills of TN. H-N-H was definately flatter and faster. I ran into some trouble around the 72 mile mark. It was all that I could do to find a wheel to hang onto. Spent too much time at the rest stops too, I was just having too much fun!