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I conquered the world on Sunday(4 posts)

I conquered the world on SundayRoyGBiv
Aug 26, 2003 9:17 AM
It was a perfect day for riding - not too hot, not a cloud in the sky and when homeward bound later that day I was blessed with a tail wind.
I set out through the drumlin fields of Flamborough and decided to avoid Paris this time and instead head through Cambridge. Then it was a hop, skip and a jump to Washington, where I hung a left. I thought about cutting through Scotland and then over to Oakland, but was feeling peppy and went further afield and headed to Boston and Hartford. Then, it was on to Hagersville and Caledonia before hitting home in Hamilton.
I should say that's Hamilton, Ontario, which will be world renowned in another six weeks when it hosts the 2003 Road Cycling Champtionships.
I can hardly wait. My house is in the middle of the course: Jan, Tyler and hopefully Mario, just might be cruising by my front window.

Have a great day.
re: I conquered the world on SundaySnowbird
Aug 26, 2003 9:32 AM
Same weather here in London. Didn't have much time to do a long ride due to a soccer tournament in Stratford so I settled for a short, quick ride to Delaware and back.
I know it wellRoyGBiv
Aug 26, 2003 9:38 AM
Remember when Archie Bunker was reprimanded by his employer because he sent a shipment to London, England instead of London, Ontario?
I lived in London in the seventies. Hey maybe some day we can rendezvous in Punkeydoodle's Corners.
Cool. Let me know when! nmSnowbird
Aug 26, 2003 5:40 PM