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Training ?? for newbie - Heartrate and Cadence(2 posts)

Training ?? for newbie - Heartrate and Cadencelendog
Aug 26, 2003 9:04 AM

Just started road riding about 4 months ago and I am getting noticably stronger, both in leg stregnth and cardio. I now want to try to step it up a notch in terms of training and monitering my progress; i.e. start looking at cadence or determining my max heartrate at figuring a good % working level from it.

Right now I only have a basic bike computer that does not monitor either of the above two metrics. Is one more important than the other in terms of determining a benchmark and training to improve it? Or should I be looking at both.

I tend to be a big gear masher rather than spinner and I think right now I peddle in blocks or squares rather than circles (although my legs are very strong and I can climb very well). Because of my style and experieince thus far, a few friends have suggested that I should try to monitor my cadence and focus on getting it to a higher level; i.e. try to spin more to use less energy??

Or would determining my max HR and training at some % below that be a better way to mearsure/monitor progress and improve on the bike?

Thanks for the feedback.

Don't need cadence...MrDan
Aug 26, 2003 11:25 AM
...You should be able to monitor it easy enough. Just keep it above 60 as a rule. Surprised you don't have alot of knee pain with doing alot of "mashing" this early...

Just do a google search on heart-rate training, you can find alot of info that way, but any basic training book will do. You can also monitor your true output just monitoring your own breathing.

Here is a link for a wealth of info... Masters Athlete
Phsiology and Performance - "MAPP". The guy knows his stuff and lets you draw your own conclusions. The site is no longer maintained - but the info is dead-on.

Good luck!