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Fondriest Status Carb or De Rosa Corum?(3 posts)

Fondriest Status Carb or De Rosa Corum?Crankist
Aug 26, 2003 5:42 AM
Ahh, these are the dilemmas which make life worth living. Finally I've assembled the coin for a full DA bike; this is a real piece of change for me, daughter in college, etc.
The Carb is $1250, Corum $1850, but I'm unaccountably stuck on the Corum - and a bit intrigued by the Carb. (I'll call Fondriest today.) Without going to the UK there seems to be no De Rosa discounts available.
Anyone ridden both? I'm a little concerned about lack of stiffness in BB with 16.5, - there is no possiblity of local test rides. Experience/insights/biases appreciated.
Yes, I've read the reviews here.
Corum for less...C-40
Aug 26, 2003 10:37 AM
Check out this site, they offer the Corum for $1600:

After riding two different Colnago C-40's during the last four seasons, I recently got a Fondriest Madonna di Campliglio. Very impressive and excellent riding frame for $800.

I take it you're stuck on steel for some reason. You don't mention your frame size, or weight. I was reluctant to try an AL/carbon frame after switching from steel (Tommasini Sintesi) to carbon, but have no regrets. A 51cm frame with a 132lb. rider produces an excellent ride - even when compared to a C-40. The handling on the Fondriest is quite a bit quicker than a Colnago. Ilike the Colnago better for screaming mountain descents. Fondriest does not list their head tube angle, but it isn't nearly as slack as a Colnago. A Fondriest frame with a 1cm shorter TT length has a 2cm shorter front-center, even with 2mm more rake.

The last comment. Going to buy the soon to be outdated DA 9-speed of wait for the 10 speed? I highly recommend 10 speed, but Campy Chorus would be my choice. The 2004 Chorus will be a lot cheaper and feature even more parts that were Record for 2003.
I have all the wrong answersCrankist
Aug 26, 2003 12:06 PM
[175-180 lbs.] Not waiting for 10 spd; delivery described as somewhere between Oct. and Dec. Locked onto the Oceana paint scheme, gotta be 2003, not waiting! And thanks but
I placed the order with Compet. Cyclist, paid the premium. The great service is worth something to me. Willing to price it without wheelset, saddle, and any old little thing I could think of. Ships around 9/4. Yeah, stuck on steel - just because. Thought strongly on Chorus, but CK/OP wheelset is only DA compat. There will be pics!