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Saddleco® Flow Saddle(13 posts)

Saddleco® Flow SaddleLive Steam
Aug 25, 2003 3:18 PM
Has anyone seen one? Ridden on one? Know of anyone who has seen one or ridden on one? Seems like it would be a good concept, but feedback is always a good thing.
re: Saddleco® Flow SaddleTUT2222
Aug 25, 2003 3:23 PM
I was looking at one my LBS ordered for someone, think he said it was around $125 or so. Talk about minimalist design. I agree, the concept seems right, but I haven't heard any feedback at the LBS yet. Kind of like a hammock for your butt.
it's intriguingThe Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 3:24 PM
especialy for hot days... but i've only read one review and it wasn't particularly positive.
it's intriguingJon Billheimer
Aug 25, 2003 3:54 PM
Fred Matheny gave it a good review. There were half a dozen or so given to recent participants at a Lon Haldeman camp. The ultra-distance guys seemed to like them.
Probably not ideal for heavier ridersKerry Irons
Aug 25, 2003 5:35 PM
The webbing just can't support the kind of weight that a solid nylon shell can hold. Seems to be a good concept for lighter riders, though saddle comfort is VERY much a personal issue.
What weight is too heavy?MikeBiker
Aug 25, 2003 6:06 PM
What is a reasonable cut-off weight between heavy and light riders?

What weight is too heavy?Live Steam
Aug 25, 2003 6:24 PM

Some info from the company.
200 Lbs. nmMikeBiker
Aug 25, 2003 7:06 PM
I've been thinking about one also...DERICK
Aug 25, 2003 8:38 PM
Performance has them for $129.99. They will also let you return anything you buy from them. I may try one out and see if it works for me. Nothing to lose but shipping.
$130.00 for a freakin' mesh saddle!?!?!?!? Holy Crap!!.....nmdavet
Aug 25, 2003 9:13 PM
I'm trying oneRay Sachs
Aug 26, 2003 4:18 AM
I ordered one from Performance and have set it up and done a couple of quick around the neighborhood test rides on it, but no real riding yet. My first impressions are mixed.

It's MUCH softer than I imagined - I figured the mesh would be pretty taught and would only compress a little bit, but it sags a LOT. A hammock is a good comparison. I weigh about 165 and I had to set it up almost 2cm higher than my normal saddles to end up at the right height. It seems very comfortable and airy, but I have to put some miles on it to see how it feels over time. The frame is very hard plastic and if you end up putting any weight on that, it isn't gonna be fun. It feels much different than any other bike saddle I've ever tried and it's going to take a while to decide whether its a keeper.

I'll post more after I've ridden it. I'd definitely stick to Performance on this one - good chance of needing to return it just because its so totally different than anything else out there.

re: Saddleco® Flow Saddlerlupien
Aug 26, 2003 1:08 PM
I posted in the components group on this last week:

Just picked up a Sadleco flow. At this point I have about 130 mi on it. Previous saddle was a Terry fly. I put about 500 mi on that one while waiting for the flow.
My thoughts at this point are that the flow is no more comfortable then the fly. Just different. The suspension of the flow allows full contact with the crotch so the tant gets rubbed more than with the fly. No numbness to speak of though. I did have to raise the seat a bit to compensate for the fact that the flow is about an inch thinner in height than the fly. The flow looks cool as hell though.
re: Saddleco® Flow SaddlePjkad
Aug 26, 2003 5:26 PM
I tried it for several rides. I'm at the 200lb limit (actually 205). Did not work well for me. The plastic frame on the sides pressed into my rear outside the sit bones. Sit bones were well suspended, and this aspect was superior to a leather saddle (which broke). But overall was not comfortable enough. Returned it to Performance. May be much better for lighter weight rider. Now much happier with Terry Fly.