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Help me decide between two bikes...(4 posts)

Help me decide between two bikes...sierranevada
Aug 25, 2003 10:57 AM
Looking at
1)56cm 1999 Trek 5200 with Ultegra and Rolf Vector PRo's. Very nice condition..only thing I don't like is it has the threaded quill stem (I just like the looks of the new threadless better)

2)2000 Ti Merlin Odyssey with brand new 105 and mavic cxp21 rims, easton 90 fork.

The price is nearly the same. I'm guessing the Trek is going to be 1.5 lbs lighter, but could be wrong. Your thoughts in which is more bike for the money? Which has better resale value?

re: Help me decide between two bikes...bimini
Aug 25, 2003 11:41 AM
Looking at the parts, I would say the Trek is a better deal.
The Ultegra group does better than the 105 group on ebay and is thought of as a better group than the 105. The Rolf Pro's are well like by the folks I know who own them and do well on ebay. The CXP is a middle to lower end Mavic wheel.

Then, do you want the durability and feel of TI or do you want the smooth ride of Carbon? The people I know that have the 5200 like the feel.

A friend of mine has a small frame 5200 with a Triple and has a lot of problems with the Triple with the short seat stays. If it is a triple you might have problems with chain angles and chain drop at the extremes. He likes the feel of the bike but does not like the problems with the Triple.
The Trek, no the Merlin, no...Marketing Dept
Aug 25, 2003 12:12 PM
I have two OCLV's and have had several over the years. LOVE THEM! Comfort, lightweight, speedy, you name it.

However, on every ride, I go out with the thought that it could be its last ride. While I have never seen it, I have heard too many tales of a missed shift or accident that would be only a scratch to a steel, alu or ti frame, but would end the life of my OCLV.

When I take my alu ride out, I worry about nothing but always wish I had taken the OCLV instead. Is this some syndrome? Maybe there is a name for it.

Anyway, if you obsess over things and live on a limited cycling budget, go for the Merlin. After all, I see way too many OCLV's out there but few Merlins. From the few that I have seen, mighty nice!

Sorry if I have been no help.
re: Help me decide between two bikes...Caseysdad
Aug 25, 2003 12:51 PM
Okay, this is admittedly an entirely subjective response. Pure opinion - but then again, that's what you asked for, right? If I were in your position, I'd go with the Merlin in a heartbeat. No question. No second thoughts. Again, I say this not knowing anything at all about your riding style, build, objectives, preferences, etc. Call me a bike snob, but IMO if both options are truly as "equal" as you suggest, I'd go with the Merlin every time.

Take each one for a long, hard ride and go with whichever one you fall in love with. Just remember that components can come and go. It's the frame itself that's going to provide the core of your ride, so try to base the majority of your decision on which frame is going to meet your needs the best.