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SF area cyclists chill out(39 posts)

SF area cyclists chill outesg
Aug 24, 2003 4:19 PM
Just returned from a California vacation. Rented bikes at Blazing Saddles for myself, wife, and four kids. Major highlight was ride over Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. The family and I had a wonderful day but I was suprised at several groups of cyclists on the bridge who screamed out "get out of the way" as they passed on the bike lane at about 30 mph. We were in a single file. This happened at least 3 times over the bridge and once on the streets of Sausalito. Another cyclist used an obsenity toward my family when we decided in the middle of the bridge to stop and take some pictures. We had pulled our bikes in single file off to the edge of the path and there was plenty of room to pass. Once over the bridge took a rest in town and spoke to another family who had similar negative comments toward them while crossing the bridge. This was a Saturday afternoon when I'd say the bridge path was 50/50 road cyclists and families. I thought the speed of these cyclists was totally inappropriate for a path that should be shared by all including families with kids and that the comments by the many that day put somewhat of a damper on what should have been a once in a lifetime experience for the kids. I am an avid cyclist myself but please share the road over the bridge and give families on vacation a break. Elliot
yepThe Human G-Nome
Aug 24, 2003 5:13 PM
.i live, work and cycle in SF and ride the GG Bridge at least 3 times every weak. invariably, it is a demonstration in frustration and chaos. when you get that many cyclists on one skinny little path on a sunny saturday or sunday and combine them with a huge tourist crowd thanks to blazing saddles, et al., you have a recipe for exactly what you describe. from messenger to MTN biker to roadie to racer to tourist to apparent complete idiot on and off the bike, the bridge does not discriminate.

- i see roadies doing 30 mph on a crowded saturday afternoon and passing within inches of tourists just looking to snap a few photos. who are you trying to impress?

- i see clubs riding 2 and 3 wide and not even coming close to getting over in time to let the riders up pass before having to slow down to an almost complete stop.

- i see the blazing saddles crowd standing right in the middle of the path on blind curves causing spills.

.i lead rides across the bridge every other saturday or so and our group can push upwards of 50 riders. i can tell you right now that if i see any of our people acting like idiots then they will be dealt with.

in conclusion, i can only say that your title is a little unfair. thanks to the shear volume of cyclists on the bridge, it is impossilbe for the idiots to not also infiltrate this group and give the polite cyclists a bad name. it would be the same story anywhere in such a scenario and is not indicative of SF cyclists in general.

ps. today on my solo ride, an SUV shouted out the window at me "stop for the f/ng stop sign you idiot!" i rode through a 3 way stop on the right where no traffic comes from the right. that's right, the man was trying to put me in my place for doing nothing to no one. why is it always the SUV drivers who are so keen to teach naughty cyclists a lesson? i got a lesson for you...stop being a f/n sheep. (no offense intended to you poor souls who own SUVs for legitimate reasons and aren't just trying to keep up with your local jonses)
you should have stoppedcholla
Aug 24, 2003 10:02 PM
You deserved to get yelled at - you admit that you blew through a stop sign. I'm not saying that I might not do the same thing in a similar situation - but if someone yelled at me for doing so, it would be well deserved. You weren't "doing nothing to no one" - you were breaking the law.
No, he should not have stopped.spankdoggie
Aug 24, 2003 10:15 PM
Who do you think you are cholla? You sound like a clown-bastard to me. I was born and raised in San Francisco. I blow stop signs right in front of cop cars all the time. The bicycle cops blow stop signs, too. Are the police wrong? Stop signs, tard, not stop lights.

You don't even know San Francisco, cholla. If I lived with the racoons and squirrels and rednecks and trailer parks like you, then the occassional stop sign every five miles might not be a big deal.

Keep you mouth shut, unless you know what you are talking about, cholla.

And to the tourist that took his kids on the Golden Gate Bridge. There are two sides of the bridge. The west side is for bikes only and the East side is for tourists and 300lb recumbent cyclists. Teach your kids how to stay out of the way next time. The bike/walk path is wide enough for everybody. I don't need some jackass 10-year old on a rented bike getting squirrely, because his dumb-ass father is too busy taking pictures of Alcatraz. I ride over the Golden Gate Bridge about 4 times a week. I have never had anybody get in my way, and I have never seen rudeness on the bridge. Troll.

This whole thread makes me angry. It is a good thing it is late, because you bastards are really ticking me off.

Ride safe, and ride friendly,

No, he should not have stopped.cholla
Aug 24, 2003 10:28 PM
If you want to be self-absorbed and ride through stop signs, etc., go ahead. But you're attacking me for calling it like it is - that riders who blow through stop signs, etc., give all cyclists a bad name. The poster above that I responded to is a perfect example - he got all bent out of shape that it was someone in an SUV that yelled at him - while completely losing sight of the fact that he was wrong - just like you are.

Are all SF area cyclists as selfish as you?
No, he should not have stopped.spankdoggie
Aug 24, 2003 11:02 PM
Are you really a jackass, cholla, or are you just trying your best to be just like a quintessential one? Why don't you write the San Francisco Police Department and tell them that their bike cops should come to a complete stop at every stop sign in San Francisco? I did not think so ass-clown.

How is running every stop sign I cross selfish? We are a bike loving community, and when I drive my Mercedes or my 4 wheel drive van, I always wave at the cyclists blowing stop signs past me. I understand their needs. I am not going to be a jackass and demand they stop and put their foot down. I want life to be as easy as possible for my bike riding friends.

People like you, cholla, give cyclists a bad name.

You sound like a sheltered young college student. I fear for you when you get out into the real world. The real world eats young squirrels like you up...

And, for a fact, I have never met a San Francisco cyclist who stops at every stop sign. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you little young squirrel.

Ride safe, and ride with happiness,

whatever, troll. nmcholla
Aug 24, 2003 11:08 PM
looks like you are a troll with all due respect.spankdoggie
Aug 24, 2003 11:17 PM
Cholla, I actually ride in San Francisco, and I ride over the bridge all the time. I know that the guy in the SUV was a jackass.

You don't live here. Maybe where you live, I would agree that you have authority to speak about certain situations...

Don't get into a San Francisco thread. You got over your head, Cholla. You are a good kid in my book, but I just didn't like the way you flamed the guy up top. Here is an actual photo I took while riding over the bridge. I am glad you are backing down, and getting out. I respect that, and I respect you.

Hand extended in friendship,

Aug 24, 2003 11:35 PM
Hey, nice photo! You're right, I don't live in SF - but I've ridden (is that a word?) over the GG Bridge, and I am not very sympathetic to the tourists riding on the bridge who might get in the way on the bike path. When I was there (2000), only the west side bike lane was open, for two-way traffic - and it seemed to be a pretty tight ride for everyone going both ways.

No offense, but you and I will have to agree to disagree about stop signs. I don't think that situation is peculiar to SF. I encounter the same scenario the guy described on one of my regular rides - a 3-way stop, with no street at all to the right (i.e., I want to go straight and there is a road to the left, everyone has a stop sign) - and I too will roll through it - but if I get yelled at by a driver, even in an SUV, I would probably be more apologetic than assertive - since I know that I, legally speaking, should have stopped. I think that attitude goes a long way toward getting drivers to be less hostile.
Good point.spankdoggie
Aug 24, 2003 11:48 PM
You make valid points, cholla, my new friend. I would like to mention that in the 20 years I have been riding over the bridge (I am 34) I have only once seen tourists on the West side of the bridge. The West side is strictly bikes. I think it is a law; they enforce it.

If the West side is ever closed, then we are forced to ride on the East side, where the tourists, 300lb recumbent cyclists, and jackasses are. When on the East side, I and I am sure, most guys/gals on bikes are slow and respectful. If our poor tourist above had this happen to him on the East side, I could sympathize. If he wandered onto the West side, then he deserved what he got.

Trust me, cholla. Any bastard in an SUV near the Golden Gate Bridge yelling at a cyclist is a bonafide jackass. You can trust me on that.

I do not allow anyone to yell at me, ever. One needs to ride without fear. Fat, out of shape people in SUVs can smell your strength. At least they smell mine.

I have never encountered one act of rudeness in my entire life, and every tourist I have encountered has been very friendly on the Golden Gate Bridge.

I do have a good attitude. Maybe that helps.

Take care cholla!
trust meThe Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 8:57 AM
there are plenty of rude people on the bridge of every ilk. try leading a group of 50 through it on a busy saturday afternoon. also, the SUV folks only ever yell at you when you're by yourself. you won't hear a peep out of them when you're with a group. futher, if you were both on foot you wouldn't hear a peep out of them either. it's only when they're safely tucked away in their urban tanks that they feel the need to play cop and teach everyone a lesson "damit". afterall, they're righetous enough to own an SUV while you're only on your stupid little bicycle that causes them to slow down every once in awhile and lose a precious 3 seconds on their 2 hour commute.

my favorite scenario is the driver that yells out the window, then speeds past going 20 mph over the speed limit, just in time to hit the red light and get the privilege of waiting at it just a little longer then he otherwise would have.
do you not understand?The Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 8:44 AM
what would i have been stoping for? their is NO ROAD on the right and therefore no drivers or the like coming from the right. i am on a continuous shoulder. get it? not stopping does not change this. even if every single car blew the stop sign going onto my road they still wouldn't hit me because i'm on the freakin' shoulder. get a clue!
I understandJFR
Aug 25, 2003 11:34 AM
There seems to be some confusion in this debate... multiple things being debated:

1) Is it LEGAL to run ANY stop sign? (I say No)

2) If it is NOT legal, is it otherwise okay anyway to run some of them given special circumstances? (I say Yes)

3) Is it okay for a driver to yell at a cyclist who really did nothing to provoke the verbal abuse, sush as in the 3-way stop sign example? (I say NO NO NO!)
uh, yes he should have stopped.lemmy999
Aug 25, 2003 8:31 AM
I have seen cops (in cars) speeding and then someone be behind them doing the same speed and the cops stop them and give them tickets. Just because a cop does it doesn't mean it is legal and does not mean that you can't get a ticket for it. If you are riding on the road, then you have to obey the rules of the road. Roadies expect cars to sit patiently behind them and wait for safe passage because we have a legal right to ride on the road, yet you don't think we should follow the laws that require us to stop at a stop sign?
again, read the postThe Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 8:47 AM
there is no reason to stop if you are on the side of the road with no intersecting road at a 3-way. what the heck would you be stopping for? was there something unclear about this in the original post? further, in NorCal, you can coast through stop signs as long as you treat them like yield signs. i got this info right from the horse's mouth: the chief of police.
Hey ride however you want.Roger2
Aug 25, 2003 11:17 AM
However, if it impedes on another, or causes them harm etc. or is a violation of the law you have to be willing to pay the price or pay the consequences (ticket, mangled bike, or worse injury).

Is it legal for you to blow thru a 3 way stop sign? No, read the California Vehicle Code (nor is it legal to "roll thru" any stop sign). Does that mean you shouldn't do it? That's up to you. I know I roll the dice on occasion and do it sometimes. I just hope on those days the person making a left hand turn off of the intersecting street doesn't swing wwwwwiiiiiddeee while making their turn.

It's gotta be stressful riding in SF, it is a fast and busy city.....just be careful and make sure it is worth it when you decide to roll those dice.

Safe road to you.
Hey ride however you want.The Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 12:13 PM
I just hope on those days the person making a left hand turn off of the intersecting street doesn't swing wwwwwiiiiiddeee while making their turn. >>>>

and how is that any different then a vehicle swerving into the shoulder on a staight highway? either way, they could swing onto the shoulder and hit a pedestrian/cyclist. if you road in SF or otherwise/especially road in large competitive group rides, running some stop signs are a necessary evil (and most of the time, not very evil at all). sometimes common sense makes more sense the knee-jerk, obligatory "because it's the law!" speech. for me, common sense takes prescendence over the law in every instance in every facet of life. if you have no common sense, by all means follow the letter of the law. after all, "it's the law!" "... and what if we didn't follow the law... it would be anarchy!" love that domino logic.
Aug 25, 2003 1:15 PM
For the most part, I'm in agreement with you, you can ride how you want, as long as you are willing to pay the price for whatever might happen. And you seem willing, I just hope it never comes to that for you or for me for that matter when we choose "common sense" over the "letter of the law."

I commented on the law because you put a BS statement out there that it was legal to run a 3 way stop and that it also was legal to roll thru stop signs in California (Straight from the horse's mouth, is what I think you wrote). Both false.

Regarding the scenerios, I only referenced your scenerio to keep it related. There's a million scenerios out there that make the road dangerous for a cyclist. As a cyclist, you know to expect the unexpected. That's what is hilarious about this whole thread. We know how vulnerable we all are to vehicles, yet we regularly blow stop signs, ride on the sidwalk, against traffic, or whatever else because it's a "necessary evil" as you put it.

And I ride in regular competitive group rides, and I agree sometimes it doesn't make sense to stop, given certain situations. Example, clear that there is no traffic, unobstructed four way or three way stop sign. However, when I do it and get called on it, I'm not gonna b!tch and moan about SUV drivers, inequities for cyclists, etc. to justify my actions. Don't be that guy!

Oh and by the way, common sense would say that a scantily protected cylist has no chance against a 3000 lb plus vehicle, no matter how much of a tough guy the cyclist thinks he is.
pleaseThe Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 1:54 PM
this answer is absurd. where did i ever give anyone the impression that i thought it was ok to "ride on the sidewalk" or "against traffic" or "whatever else". i gave a very specific account of running a 3 way when there is NO risk and NO traffic coming from the right and then described one idiot's response to the action. you used your domino logic and the "letter of the law" to incorporate everything else in your imagination even though that wasn't part of the equation.

and you're not "going to and moan" like me right? well f/you bub. when some stranger raises his voice to me for no reason, i have the right to say or do anything i'd like. i'm not justifying anything to anyone. the guy was an arrogant arsehole and i'm calling it like i saw it. "don't be that guy". again, you're absolutely insulting. you have no idea of the pains i take to keep myself and my fellow riders safe on the road. IMO, you ARE that guy. if you do visit SF, please don't plan on attending any of the group rides of which i partake. i wouldn't want anyone to offend your obviously delicate sensibilities.

lastly, you're calling me a lier telling me that it didn't come "from the horses mouth". fine. so be it. call me a lier. you have no reason to doubt my word other then the fact that i'm a stranger to you and i have absolutley no reason to respect you or anything else you say.

have a pleasant day.
Absurd? Your argument is absurd...Roger2
Aug 25, 2003 2:41 PM
You get to pick and choose what is right and wrong? LOL!
No you didn't say sidewalk or against traffic, I did. But what's the difference, if common sense says it's okay and it'll save a minute, why not do it, if it's convienent for you or me..why not do it? Isn't that your basic philosophy? Why split hairs now? What makes one worse than another? Are you telling me, you walk your bike from your apartment, townhome, or whatever you live in to the road and enter the road/street? You've never crossed the double yellow on a group ride? I really doubt it. You don't cut across the middle of the street to get over to the pub, coffee shop, grocery store, if it is more convienent? Don't be a hypocrite now!

Yeah, you blowing stop signs sounds like you are going thru a lot of pain to protect your fellow cyclists and educate people about cyclists rights and improve driver/cyclist relations. Are you that misguided?

And lastly, I didn't call you a liar! I think if you bought the crap you were told by the SF Chief of Police, you're a bit ignorant, naive' or maybe alot of both.

Thanks for the self-righteous banter, and I'd love to have you on a ride, I'm sure we'd enjoy each other's company. ;0)

And thanks, I am having a pleasent day. Leaving for a ride now.
why do you bother?The Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 3:15 PM
remember bub? you're the one who took my post to task, not the other way around. i make a simple point about a 3 way stop sign and a beligerant driver and you turn it into some grandiose life lesson. do i get to pick and choose what's right and wrong? of course i do. it's called being an adult and having morals. hopefully, your morals aren't dictated by a driver's vehicle code handbook. it was legal to own slaves in some states in the south well into the late 20th century... did this make it ok because "it's the law". the law minus common sense is a law that was made to be broken. kneejerk reactions like "it's the law" is what's wrong with the american justice system to begin with. why you had to turn this into some worthless banter/debate is beyond me. if you can't see that it was ok to run the stop sign in question then that's your own stupidity/stubborness (more like it).

what's the difference between riding on the sidewalk and against traffic and running the stop sign of which i described? plenty. if you did the first 2, you're an idiot and i'll call you one. if you did the second, then i'd call you a cyclist who's not an anal-retentive killjoy.

"Are you telling me, you walk your bike from your apartment, townhome, or whatever you live in to the road and enter the road/street? " - yes.

"You've never crossed the double yellow on a group ride?"
- only when safety dictates i do so. otherwise, no.

"Are you that misguided?" i take it back. come to one of our group rides at CityCycle on the corner of Union and Steiner on any Saturday and see how "misguided" i am. i'll be the guy on the blue Ciocc. better still, come to one of my racing team's Wednesday training rides. we leave from the Golden Gate bridge every wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

"I think if you bought the crap you were told by the SF Chief of Police, you're a bit ignorant, naive' or maybe alot of both."

- you mean, i'm ignorant because he's told our riders we can treat stop signs like yield signs, we treat stop signs like yield signs, and in the last 2 years of riding in 50+ groups every weekend rain or shine we have NEVER gotten either a traffic citation or been involved in a collision? you mean ignorant like that?

listen, you might be a heck of a nice/cool guy in real life. but seriously, you're just being downright stubborn. right now, you are "that guy". but feel free to be him for as long as you'd like.
Human G-nome...somewhereRoger2
Aug 26, 2003 7:39 AM
in all of this...the point that I was in agreement with you got lost. Tone, intent, etc. are often lost in written word especially by novices like us.

My intent originally at least was to say that yeah we do things that put us in harms way, if the situation looks safe, convienent etc. In those instances where we're doing something that could put us or someone else in harms way, right or wrong, we have to be willing to pay the price whatever it is. That's it. Nothing more was meant. A simple do what you want, just take responsibility for your actions, in everything, not just cycling. NO grandiose life lesson in that. I'm sure it is something both you and I practice.

You took something else from it, and keyed in on something not intended. And I'm sure I did the same and it was a domino effect from there.

I incited you further, one because it was entertaining, I hope in some respects for you too. It is only the net of course and it also makes a ho hum Monday go by faster!?!?!?! ;0)

Wow, I'm still in awe that your chief of police said that (statement supported by spankdoggy). Sure, have a behind door policy for your cops of turning a blind eye to rolling stops, but dont come out and say it in public. Unbelievable! I apologize for calling you ignorant and naive' and instead direct that at your chief of police.

Thanks for the invite, I'm up in Auburn Ca. (above Sacramento), you know where all you bay area folk are moving! ;0) So I'm within distance maybe someday soon I'll take you up on that ride. I have some teammates and fellow racing friends that live and ride in SF, and have probably been on your training rides. One in fact is coming to stay with me this weekend for a trip to Downieville (Mtb ride).

By the way, my ride yesterday was great, hope yours was too.

Good day.

forgot to go back to this threadThe Human G-Nome
Aug 26, 2003 3:26 PM
that's cool. i knew it was all lost in the semantics anyway. stay safe,
Roger2 is acting like a jackass.spankdoggie
Aug 25, 2003 4:46 PM
You sound like another enamored college student yet to get into the real world. The Chief of Police in San Francisco said publicly a couple of years ago that it is ok to run stop signs. He got some some flack(?) for it, but you know what he said is the truth. Real life is real life. Do you, Roger, come to a complete stop, completely, at every stop sign or do you roll through after slowing to 1 or 2 miles an hour?

The police chief story posted is true. I read it in the papers. It is not crap. You are, Roger, you bastard. I don't know Gnome, but the police chief story is true. Roger, you don't know your rear end from a hole in the ground.

Must be nice living out in the middle of Kansas where there aren't any stop signs within 10 miles of each other. Funny how everyone arguing against blowing stop signs in San Francisco does not post the city they live and ride in. Very funny.

San Francisco is a very bike friendly city. Roger, you are not welcome to come to San Francisco. Stay in Kansas.
Sacramento Ca, if you mustRoger2
Aug 26, 2003 7:12 AM
Auburn just above Sacramento to be exact. I commute from Auburn to Sacramento regulary by bicycle. It's actually pretty bike friendly, but the environment varies from crazy speeding necks to your self-indulged SF Bay area transplant (TIC).

Before you spank any further Spankdoggy, read the exchanges. I basically agreed with Human G-nome, that sometimes we roll stop signs etc. The only difference was that I said we need to take responsibility for our actions (pay the price whatever that might be and hopefully it isn't too expensive). I guess he didn't agree with the responsibility point.

Human G-nome took it defensive I guess and began this verbal jousting, which I further inflamed by responding of course. It is comical to say the least.

So before you say I'm acting like a jackass, please take in the whole picture.

Regarding the Chief of Police of SF, I hope he got flack for that. That's a ridiculous statement. And like I stated to Human G-nome I didn't call him a liar.

Oh and I wish I could go back to those college days, being in my early 20s again, who'd pass that up. As far as stepping out in the real world, been there for awhile and sometimes it sucks but something that it seems many are oblivious of in the real world is taking responsibility for their actions. It's either to misdirect or point blame or come up with justification for why we committed certain actions (legal or illegal). Everything except, taking responsibility. Sad really.


I see your point...lemmy999
Aug 25, 2003 12:55 PM
but I got a ticket once for rolling through a stop sign at 1am with no other cars in sight It had once been a 4 way stop, but two of the roads had been destroyed due to construction and were totally closed. So all that was left was a 90 degree left hand turn for people coming my direction and a 90 degree right hand turn for the other direction. Also, the stop sign was badly damaged and about to fall off of the post. Although I can see that blowing through your stop sign was logically an ok thing to do, I still think technically it is against the law (no matter what the COP says). If the cops in your area don't enforce it, then that is great. But the cops where I live are mostly jerks and they would jump at the chance to give a ticket even on a technicality.

Also, I agree on your SUV comment....
thanksThe Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 2:06 PM
just looking for a little common ground(sense) here. technically, i should stop at EVERY stop sign. realistically, no "roadie" in SF is going to do that. this isn't "mob culture" in effect. it's just a natural course of action that makes sense overall for the majority of people. if some idiot runs a stop sign, cuts people off and doesn't even bother to yield, then yes, the guy is both an idiot and dangerous to himself and others. he deserves to be called on something like that. others seem to be out there just looking to teach someone a lesson and could care less about someone's safety. they're playing cop because it makes them feel better about themselves to put someone else in their place... especially if they're protected in their vehicle and they run no risk of a reply leading to trouble. very similar to the internet in that way i'm thinking.
I agreebimini
Aug 25, 2003 8:00 AM
I was in Marin Co. visiting my brother for a week and went cycling every morning with him.

One morning we were riding side by side 3 feet apart, chating on the road around China Beach Park at 6:30 AM. Absolutely no traffic either direction. We were on a straightaway, and this dude just shoots between us and shouts, "Why you taking up the whole road A##holes."

How rude. Must of made himself feel real good and impotent policing the roads and putting us in our place. Heaven forbid he have to move an extra 2 foot to the left on an open road.

PS: The racing scene up there must be enormous. We rode to Mill Valley one Saturday. I have been to/in a several races but never seen so many super high end bikes as around the coffee houses in Mill Valley. We went inside and low and behold there were riders from every major racing team in the world hanging out sipping coffees and expressos (I could tell by all the famous racing jerseys and kits they were wearing:)

I'm glad to live and ride in nowhere Iowa. Roads are open. The traffic is low. The people are polite. And people judge you by the person you are vs. what you look like. Here we normally slow down a tad, pass on the left and give a friendly hello or good morning when passing on an open road. So what if we loose a couple of seconds being good neighbors.
Sounds a bit hypocriticalJFR
Aug 25, 2003 11:21 AM
A sarcastic paragraph putting down the bikes/clothes you saw people wearing in Mill Valley followed by...

"I'm glad to live and ride in nowhere Iowa. Roads are open. The traffic is low. The people are polite. AND PEOPLE JUDGE YOU BY THE PERSON YOU ARE VS. WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE."

Hmmmmm? Careful there bimini :)
Sounds a bit hypocriticalbimini
Aug 26, 2003 5:56 AM
You caught me there!

It was just very strange in Marin compared to the Midwest. It just seemed to be a lot more about "the look" than the person (not only in cycling). It would take some getting use to.

re: SF area cyclists chill outCary1
Aug 25, 2003 8:27 AM
Some of these posts are really sad. It's no wonder that bike riders in the City have such a negative image, from the responses here they deserve it. I live in the east bay and given the literally thousands of miles of great roads and mountain bike trails in the bay area, it seems like some of you could be more patient about tourists on the Golden Gate Bridge.

I will guarantee you if riders continue to act like pricks on places like the Bridge, the answer will be to ban bikes from the bridge. If you don't believe me look what happened to Mt. Tamilpias (sp) with the mountain bike trails. The same thing will happen with paved trails.

Being nice is contagious. If you have to yell at people and go 30mph in a mixed pedestrian zone, perhaps you should take up a different sport.

Blazing Saddlesgtx
Aug 25, 2003 8:34 AM
Blazing Saddles sends tons on unskilled wobbly riders up on the bridge. If you are riding one of their bikes you're gonna get lumped in with all the other bozos. IMO kids should not be riding bikes on the GG Bridge. They should be walking. I admit that lots of cyclists ride too fast on the bridge, though.
Blazing SaddlesThe Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 8:51 AM
.i had a friend visiting me from another country and since she's not very strong and hadn't been on a bike in years we decided to rent a tandem from Blazing Saddles. it was very interesting how differently i was treated because i was on the BS tandem looking like a tourist rather then on my high end racing bike. we definitely got much less respect in general.
Other bike lane issuesspluti
Aug 25, 2003 9:45 AM
The truth is always somewhere in the middle. All these scenarios play themselves out any given place, any given time, when cyclists, drivers, pedestrians, tourists, have to share resources.
I love it when I see an adult or parent working with young kids on riding respectfully and minding the rules of the road. If I'm agitated about them I need to pick another route.
Other bike lane issuesgtx
Aug 25, 2003 9:49 AM
The GG Bridge is not your typical MUT. For one, you CAN'T pick a different route, it's the only way to get to Marin. And unlike most MUTs, if little Johnny can't control his BMX bike and rides off the side of the path, he'll end up on a freeway.
Great answer / attitude; nmbimini
Aug 25, 2003 11:13 AM
Please tell me SF has common sense for cyclists!CARBON110
Aug 25, 2003 11:30 AM
As someone headed out there in OCT. to potentially move there and as a city that hosts a giant annual cycling event, and as a city known for EVERYTHING SF is famous for....please tell me in general its a smart and safe place to ride daily. I ride alot of hours and everyday I have my life threatened or endangered by a motorist. Is it the same there? I pick my time and places to go but its unavoideable here. From what I understand cars etc drive fast and aggressive but pay attention more for the most part. Unlike here where they drive fast distracted and dont really care. I train 99% of the time byself so expect group rides to be fast and hard but I also expect them to be smart. Any more opinions out there? Thanks
you will love it hereThe Human G-Nome
Aug 25, 2003 12:20 PM
SF's bike culture is enormous and unparalleled. for the most part, the public and motor vehicles are understanding. seemingly 20% of the cars you see have bike racks on them so there is a lot of understanding. it's like disneyland for cyclists out here though if you consider the year-round mild weather, the incredible routes, climbs, views, etc., the shear volume of riders of all abilities and the great race scene. there is nothing not to love. even the GG Bridge is no big deal on most days. drop me a line when you come out in Oct. and if i have time, i'll show you around:
Please tell me SF has common sense for cyclists!spankdoggie
Aug 25, 2003 12:35 PM
San Francisco is extremely bike friendly. There was a point a few years ago, when I was riding lots of very hilly city miles a day between work, home and school. Cars go out of their way to be friendly. They actually will stop at a sign and wait for you to run your stop sign so you don't have to wait and put your foot down.

I cannot remember a single encounter with a car that was bad. I got pulled over by the cops for running a green light once; yes a green light. I timed the light perfectly, and hit the street at close to 40mph EXACTLY as my light turned green. I got pulled over and the cop was telling me I could have been killed because cars run red lights all the time, and hitting that green light at 40mph was stupid. He called me a jackass. He was a cop, so I couldn't call him a jackass back, but he had a point.

San Francisco is extremely bike friendly when you are on the streets.

And another thing about the Golden Gate Bridge: the West side is for bikes only. You won't find any tourists on that side hardly ever. Just roadies.