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100 degree failed century with pics....(15 posts)

100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 3:59 PM
Last weekend I'd thought about attempting a century ride.

I knew it was going to get pretty hot and humid out so I
wanted to get an early start.

My wife and her sister and mom went off to Bayfield, Wisconsin for a little bike trip of their own and thought I'd do this.

I get an early phone call from the contractor doing work on
our house and he says he's going to be there, but it might be an hour or two.

I finally got fed up with waiting and left the garage door
open so he could get in and took off. I should have left
earlier but....ah well.

Within two miles I realized I'd left my gloves at home. Oop.

I make it to Auto Club road, a sort of Gateway to southern
Minnesota for cyclists around here only to find out they
just paved it with asphalt and loose gravel. And it's real
fresh since the stones are treacherous. Whoa.

I see a fit female cyclist with a silver Quintana Roo
pushing it up the hill - they just paved the descent
into into the MN River Valley with asphalt and loose
stones too! Great.

Turns out she ran out of water at 56 miles and was
pretty dehydrated and didn't dare try riding up that
mess in clipless shoes in her condition. She looked

She was just a couple of miles from home - I wished her
luck and continued on.

I head down into the valley, cross Highway 101 and head
south on Stagecoach road. I figured I'd hit a superette
to top off my camelbak and also to get some gatorade and
then head up highway 13 where I'd ridden two weeks before
with Scot_Gore and Geardaddy.

re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:02 PM
I considered riding up the hill on McColl and down Highway
18's descent to Eagle Creek like we did on our ride but I
instead decide to head up into 13 into Prior Lake and then
hang a right at 42.

It was getting pretty darn hot out and I was going thru
water and energy drinks like mad. Wolfed down a sports
bar and thought for a second that the meal I had the night
before not agreeing with me had left me pretty dehydrated.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:09 PM
I headed west on 42 and saw the big climb I'd have ahead and
thought I should stop at another superette and grab more
water and another container of gatorade.

Topped off the camelbak and then drank down the gatorade in
what seemed like one gulp. Criminey.

Then for the big climb up 42. Crud! Check that out.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:13 PM
I get to the top of the hill at 140th & Crest and take a
picture looking back and proceed to move south on Crest to
take a visit to the Prior Lake swimming beach just to see
if the water would cool me off sufficiently.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:20 PM
As I head south on Crest I notice a black pickup truck that
seemed inordinantly interested in me as I was taking the pic
at the top of 42 looking back. He's got a Fuji Team
Superlight strapped to the bike rack on back.

I head down Crest until I reach the driveway at the Lions'
Sand Point beach/park.

A stern looking man leans out the window and asks "are you
aliensporebomb?" I said "yes!".

It was strong knee roadie from several cycling forums. He
had actually just been on a 65 mile ride down near Marine
on St. Croix and said that the rivers' cooling effect had
cyclists out in droves.

On the contrary I'd only seen that woman and himself so

We had a nice conversation and he had to go and so did I.

I figured I'd check out the lake and if it was cool enough
but thought for a moment when I realized it was over 100
degrees out that if I got into that lake I might not get
out again....heh.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:26 PM
So I'm about to leave the park and I realize that there was
some kids kite fly and there were discarded kites and string
all over the place.

I see that some enterprising kid tied his kite to a tree so
that the kite would fly more or less continuously until the
wind dropped.

So I was heading for an exit with kite string about a foot
off the ground in front of me.

I tried to unclip and fell over like a sack of potatoes.
Partially onto grass, but also on concrete with stones.
Shall I say "freaking OW" now?

I look the bike over - no damage done except to my own
left elbow - scraped up.

I look up and see this eagle flying overhead. Nice.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:31 PM
I look back at the beach longingly but think better of it
(riding in wet clothes would not be too cool either)....

I decide to head down the long Highway 18 descent and to
head over to stagecoach to hit the superette again. I'm
hurting but also even more hungry and thirty than before
and I figured it's because climbing multi-mile hills in
100 degree heat might have something to do with it. Yipes.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:36 PM
I head down 18 (the picture below was taken from several
miles away of the long descent) and even though I had a
headwind I still hit over 35 mph on the way down.

But when I got to the bottom and headed for Stagecoach
and that superette again I noticed that my left shifter
had become bent slightly in that fall. To make matters
worse, my bike wasn't shifting into the big ring very
reliably. I decided to look at it at the next superette
to check out if the actual mechanism was broken or if in
bending it the barrel adjuster or cable got stretched.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:40 PM
I stopped for more water and was shocked at my thirst - I
basically drank the water in one gulp even though I still
had some water left in my camelbak.

I had some of the energy drink and looked at my left
shifter. It looked like it could easily bend back
into place but I notice that the little bit of wire
at the end of my front derailleur cable was sheared
off and it didn't appear to be locked into place too

30-some miles into a century and I have a mechanical?
I decide against bending the front shifter back into
place and continue riding. I decide to just see how
things go.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:50 PM
I continue east past the superette along the frontage road
near Highway 101 since I'd seen what looked like a historic
marker there at one point years back and found this marker
for Camp Savage which during World War II was apparently
used by our intelligence service in the war against Japan.


I continued to try and cross into Savage proper but the
old MN&S railroad grade (now CP rail) divided the town
in half and there was really no way to continue east
any further.

I turn around and run into two carfulls of teenage kids
who apparently had a mechanical problem. They asked if
I knew which way was a garage. I thought I saw one up
the street so I rode up that way and stepped in and asked
the two guys if their garage was open since it just looked
like gas service on saturday afternoon.

Sure enough it was. Oh well.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 4:55 PM
I continue west on the frontage road in order to try and
get back on Stagecoach and head north back closer to my
neck of the woods.

As I stop for a sip of gatorade I see this train on the
Union Pacific tracks.
re: 100 degree failed century with pics....aliensporebomb
Aug 24, 2003 5:04 PM
I continue over the bridge and head towards the Union
Pacific Valley Park yard crossing and see what appears
to be a mirage in front of me - a cyclist. Unreal.

The first one on the road I'd seen all day.

I stopped in the shade of the bridge to have some peanuts,
water and some fruit snacks I had in my bag.

I started to realize now that without my big ring (and
my multitool sitting in my commuter bike's bag where I
left it) I wasn't going to do a whole lot. Plus, I was
getting really hot and I felt like no matter what I did
kind of cruised myself by going up those hills in that
kind of heat.

I made it up back into Bloomington and decided to just
throw in the towel that particular day.

I managed to do 35 miles in the time I did 52 miles two
weeks before. Unreal. Were the hills making me that slow
or was I so dehydrated that I couldn't perform well?

I got home and showered which felt great....took a nap
and about an hour in got an immense charley horse. Yep,
dehydrated. That night when I slept I got another one
in the other leg. GEEZ.

Luckily, I took my bike to the shop today and they fixed
the big ring problems so thanks to Bikemasters - they were
very, very persistent (try this....adjust....okay, try this,
okay, one more adjustment, try it again, heh). They also
didn't charge me for the service so they get double kudos
this time out. Thanks, guys.

Next time out I'll do a century on a cooler day and maybe
not so many long climbs.
With all those pics......Synchronicity
Aug 24, 2003 6:58 PM
.....itsa wonder you got any riding done!
No only joking. Great to see someone else rides in astonishing heat. Last summer here in Aus, the temp got to 43 celcius which is 109.4 F. That last bit over body-core temperature is the worst. I went for a ride in it. And people thought I was crazy.
Is there an elevation sign at the top? nmrwbadley
Aug 24, 2003 9:20 PM
Great photos Alien. n/tspankdoggie
Aug 24, 2003 11:32 PM