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First Group Ride Update(2 posts)

First Group Ride UpdateMr Nick
Aug 24, 2003 1:35 PM
Today I went on my first group ride in Tucson AZ.

I went with my cousin, her boyfriend and 5 other experience riders.

It started off nicely with a 15 minute warm up session with an average speed of 14mph. We started to pick up speed as we left the city and hit some medium hills. Everything was great I was able to stay with the group and just work the back of the pack. Then we hit some flats and most of the experienced guys started to pull away from my cousin and I. Then she (my cousin) started to slow down and actually started having back spasms (which I didn't realize at the time). Her boyfriend went back to see if she was ok and told me to continue to ride with the pack which had stopped. Well The 6 of us took off and began on a two or three mile straight shot through an area that was steep hills with long descents. I was staying in the back of the pack at first going around 23mph when they decided that they wanted to go and they just left me. It was pretty amazing to see how fast they were able to pull away. Luckily they waited for me at the next big turn because I had no idea where I was. After that I was able to meet up with my cousin who was feeling better and ride at a pace that was more my speed.

Overall I rode 40 miles and had a pretty sad average speed, but I realized a few things.

1) I am out of shape and really need to work on climbing
2) There are some amazing riders out there who are incredibley fast
3) My Lemond Zurich is really comfortable even on the rough Tucson roads
4) My next group ride will be with some people who aren't quite so intense.
Aug 24, 2003 2:51 PM
Next time you'll hang in a little longer. The time after that, a little longer still. Pretty soon, you'll be one of the ones putting the hurt on the rest!

Couple of hints: its actually easier at the front. Assuming that you aren't a danger to the rest of the group, try riding at the front (but not ON the front!). If there's a paceline going on, learn to sh!thook till you can work in.

No matter how fast you ever get, there's a whole 'nother world of fast out there so don't get all big headed just cause you can put the hurt on some new rider.

Climbing never gets any easier, just faster.

Don't pedal the downhill (or if you do, us it to get the lactic acid out) you only go about 10% faster, and use precious energy that you could use going up the next hill.

Your actions affect the whole group. Ride a straight line, call out obstacles, etc. and be a good member.

Congrats, now go out and ride young man!