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Changing Michelin Axial Pro Tires (Clinchers)(2 posts)

Changing Michelin Axial Pro Tires (Clinchers)Karma_Radio
Aug 23, 2003 7:42 AM
I'm a newbie towards maintaining road bikes. I bike MTB for 2 years. Rode well, but didn't do a good job maintaining it. Rode RB for 3 months now and my recently purchased roadbike (used) has a rear flat and I don't know how to change the tire properly. The tire is a Michelin Axial Pro Tire and is on a Maavic CXP 23 rim.

I have changed tires before on a MTB, but I read somewhere that I I have to glue RB's tire onto the rims? What type of glue and where do I glue the tire?

I would go to a local bike shop and let them do it, but I just recently started college and don't know my way around the city and don't have a car to get around.

I did a search on changing tires and nothing came up. So any sudjustions or comments are welcomed.

re: Changing Michelin Axial Pro Tires (Clinchers)divve
Aug 23, 2003 8:38 AM
CXP 23 is a clincher rim and mounts normal tires with inner tubes. You repair it like any other normal tire system on your MTB. For specific help on almost all repair subjects see: