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Bikes vs Hummers, Good vs Evil(13 posts)

Bikes vs Hummers, Good vs EvilDjudd
Aug 22, 2003 3:22 PM
An informal ride on some narrow country roads outside DC turned pale last weekend when we were blindsided (from the back) by a wild Hummer. No one was actually hit by the vehicle but two of the group were slapped by the side view mirror as the deadly beast waded through our number. Have you seen these things? They are massive. I know this is an old harangue but who needs these dinosaurs. On a two lane country road they do not fit. The driver was completely unaware that she was taking the entire lane (and more) or that she had tapped two riders with her mirror (no injuries, slight taps). Not to mention the decadence of using that much fossil fuel to get to the post office or Starbucks or wherever. The bumper sticker or ad copy for one of these monstrosities should read "let them eat cake" for its' utter lack of conscience.
rant over
If you have cars that big ...orange_julius
Aug 22, 2003 6:05 PM
... shouldn't you be required to have a special drivers
If you have cars that big ...rrjc5488
Aug 23, 2003 7:19 AM
yes you should need a special liscence, like a mclaren F1.
Should you? Probably. Do you? No.djg
Aug 24, 2003 7:28 AM
There are lots of vehicles out there so different from what folks are licensed to drive that you could make a perfectly good argument that some additional testing should be required. But I'm not aware of any state that does require it. Get your standard category driver's license in a civic and you can take a hummer or an escalade on the road.
Utter lack of conscience?SCOOTERINSLC
Aug 23, 2003 12:32 PM
Why don't you tell us all how much fossil fuel we are all allowed to use. It dosen't matter what she was driving. A driver who's not paying attention is gonna hit you anyway. Would you be less upset if she'd been driving a hybrid and clipped you with the mirrors?? "Well she hit us with her mirror, but at least she had conscience..."
Holier than thou dork. Just for that I'm gonna drive my supercharged X-Terra around the block........twice.....then leave it running while I have a nap.
Utter lack of conscience?Kvonnah
Aug 23, 2003 4:10 PM
>>>"Then leave it running while I have a nap."

While you are still in it with the garage door closed?

Hey, you set yourself up for that one. Why so defensive about the blatent consumption of fossil fuels? You can't possibly think it is a GOOD IDEA to do so.
Then leave it running while I have a nap.SCOOTERINSLC
Aug 25, 2003 4:01 AM
Carport, sorry you don't get your wish today.:) I'm just saying the size and type of vehicle simply isn't important realative to his story. His story is just a (thinly veiled) springboard to stereotype SUV drivers. I drive a gas guzzler but I ride my bikes just about everywhere; work store, ect. I own this type of vehicle because when I travel, it fits all my stuff and two bikes inside, and has offroad capabilities to get me where I want to go. A person who drives a vehicle that gets say 25 mpg and drives the national average distance to work, store etc. quite likely burns more fuel per year than I do. So when some dork makes blanket statements about SUV's it pisses me off a bit. Just because you see me driving down the road in my SUV, you think you've got it all figured out and you don't. I concede I'm probably the exception rather than the norm. It's all gonna be Hydrogen in less than 15 years anyway. And when it is, GM will build a Hydrogen powered monster SUV like the H2 and people will buy it because that's what the market demands, and some soccer mom will nearly hit a cyclist, and he will write about it on this board and still call it an "evil" SUV incident (because Satan HAD to be involved, right?) Quit b!tching! Bad drivers come in all shapes and sizes of vehicles and always will.....and I'm spent.......
Scooter, (already rode 20 miles,hungry, bye)
Anyone heard of this "Earth Liberation Front" actions vs.HummerMaRider
Aug 23, 2003 12:38 PM
Anyone heard of this "Earth Liberation Front" actions vs.HummerKvonnah
Aug 23, 2003 4:17 PM
Domestic terrorism???!!! Give me a break. THis is VANDALISIM not terrorism. Next thing you know critical mass will be called terrorism. This is getting out of hand.

Nobody needs one of those.KG 361
Aug 23, 2003 2:35 PM
They should be illegal to produce. Really.However, that will never happen and people will continue to buy them, just because they can. Wonder how many of them would sell if gas went up to, say, $2.50 a gallon......
I laugh when this lady in her Hummer...dawgcatchr
Aug 23, 2003 10:02 PM
She drives her brand new yellow Hummer down to the bike shop every couple of weeks to get her derailleur cable tension adjusted, air in her tires, whatever (when she isn't commuting the to the golf course or tennis courts). The irony is that she only lives 2 miles away-this is a resort community, with 30+miles of bicycle paths (all of which are completely separate from the road-there are basically roads for cars and roads for bicycles here). Here is an idea-why not ride the bicycle to the bike shop? We always laugh when she pulls up and wants help removing her bicycle from her Hummer-she isn't very friendly either (I have noticed this about tricked-out
SUV drivers in general-they can likely be pompus jerks).
I laugh when this lady in her Hummer...hycobob
Aug 24, 2003 5:34 PM
(I have noticed this about tricked-out
SUV drivers in general-they can likely be pompus jerks).

Kinda like pompus car hating ostriches? Big trucks and cars aren't going anywhere...get used to it. You're not going to save the world by worrying about all the cars unless they invent one that will run on piss and whine.
It's all good - I love it when my wife gives me a...SpoiledBikeDaddy
Aug 24, 2003 6:22 AM
Oh wait - you're talking about something else, aren't you? Never mind...