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15 hours 55 minutes and counting 'til next ride - YES!(3 posts)

15 hours 55 minutes and counting 'til next ride - YES!TNSquared
Aug 22, 2003 9:14 AM
That's right, I'm in the Central time zone, so that means a 4:00 am start time (courtesy of organizer J, who apparently will ride even when he can't walk.)

I haven't been on the bike since last Saturday, and I'm itching so bad I'd be willing to start at 3:00 am. My withdrawals are severe enough that at midnight last night I decided to try out my new chainwhip and lockring tools by removing the cassette, cleaning it to look brand new, installing it on a different set of wheels, takking it back off and putting it back on the original wheels - just for kicks.

My "anti-training" week:

Monday - son's first day of high school, ever - big event and lots of supplies to purchase after work

Tuesday - brother and family, not seen in 4 years, arrive in town unexpectedly

Wednesday - work all day, all evening and all night to prep for "make or break your career" meeting with boss the next morning

Thursday - weekly obligated night to watch 3 year old so wife can have a free evening

Friday - still have a job, brother still in town, pizza place with beer across street

OK, so I could ride this evening, but I gotta be up and riding so early tomorrow i guess I can hold off 'til then. won't...... be.......easy!
Tapering off before a century . . .ms
Aug 22, 2003 12:51 PM
Most of the "experts" say that you should take it easy for a few days before a big ride. But, it sounds like you are pushing the concept (albeit involuntarily). Let us know how it works. I might have to do similar "training" before my next century.
hey im doing one too!daCaT_
Aug 22, 2003 2:20 PM
I had titanium rods put in my back on 8/28/02. So to celebrate im doing an unsupported century as my personal comeback.