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Shaving & in-grown hairs advice please?(5 posts)

Shaving & in-grown hairs advice please?jjdbike
Aug 22, 2003 9:09 AM
I have been shaving all summer w/minimal problems. All of the sudden I am plaged w/ terrible ingrown hairs. They look & feel awfull. Why did this happen all of the sudden, heat, sun, too dry& or oily, or perhaps shaving too closely? The one thing that I did differntly was I used a disposable 3 blade razer. I think I need to shave less closley. How on earth do I do that w/out an adjustble electric? Is there a proceedure or product that might help, e.g., different shave cream, aftershave, single blade razor, moisturizer? Please help, the hair on my legs is getting long and itchey!
Aug 22, 2003 9:59 AM
First off, if you changed something and got poor results, stop doing it: go back to your 2 blade razor.

Two discoveries I've made shaving my legs:
1) _never_ shave against the grain.
2) closer isn't always better.

Rather than do my legs meticulously every couple days, I came to a point where I decided it was best to do a "quick" shave every day. My favorite leg "shaving product" are those transparent neutrogena bath bars. My procedure: shower, stop the water, lube up with the neutrogena bar, shave with quick, light downward strokes, and then rinse.

Everyone's hair/skin is different, but I've found that no matter where I shave, my skin responds best when I use nice, sharp blades (prefer Sensor II), and don't apply much pressure.

Good luck!
re: Shaving & in-grown hairs advice please?overtrained
Aug 22, 2003 10:24 AM
I get a rash if I try going against the grain on my thighs so I go against the grain below the knees and with the grain above the knees. I also use an facial cleanser on my legs after shaving.
My two cents...funknuggets
Aug 22, 2003 10:58 AM
I shave up, down... and it doesn't seem to matter that much... to me anyway as long as I follow the following rules.

1. Use a good sharp razor. The newest mach3 Turbo is an amazing, astounding and miraculous breakthrough in shaving.

2. You dont have to shave every day... but you MUST exfoliate like crazy. I use a falufa or loofa, or whatever those crazy things are called and scrub HARD on my inner, back and outer thighs, and outer calves because that is where I will get ingrown hairs if they occur. I've heard of some people using sugar or some type of exfoliating soap with grainy stuff in it... I've used those with marginal results.

3. Lastly, use lots of lotion, preferably twice a day with one that does not have much scent.

4. Shaving cream doesn't matter much, I've even used lotion. Hair conditioner works well too.

Other than that, keep your clothes and shorts clean and try to shower as soon as possible after cycling. Try to avoid clothing (dress pants) that are too tight and promote sweating and bacteria growth during the day.

This will work.

Second the Mach3JFR
Aug 22, 2003 11:32 AM
I started shaving in June. Dispite have the Mach3 recommned (by Zonic Man), I thought I'd try using the cheap disposable that works fine on my face. The result was a large percentage of my hair grew back ingrown. Switching to the Mach3 essentially solved my ingown hair dilema.