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beginner to Clipless...(2 posts)

beginner to Clipless...rubendc19
Aug 21, 2003 7:48 AM
Well I posted some pice of my bike, and asked for some comments and I got them, I spoke about getting some clipless pedals, and alot of you guys were suggesting I should get, Time or Look type, but I failed to mention that the when I purchased the bike, it already came with clipless I just told the LBS to put some toe straps in the meantime (becuase I didn't have shoes for the clipless.....yet).
The pedals are Wellgo, M9's, Can you guys tell me if those are good pedals for beginners or even good pedals overall, or should I still invest in the LOOK, or TIME type pedals
re: beginner to Clipless...Andy M-S
Aug 21, 2003 8:16 AM
Wellgo doesn't have a terribly good reputation (think "ACME"). OTOH, they're probably just fine for starters. I assume that "M9" means that they're probably SPD-compatible, double sided. If so, you're in luck, since you can use MTB shoes if you have them, and most road shoes come with SPD mounting options as well.

Four years ago this month I mounted a set of Wellgo clipless on my Bianchi. Good thing, because a week later I T-boned a car that made an illegal left in front of me. The pedals released me and I got away with relatively minor injuries. These days all my bikes are SPD-equipped...