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Anyone own a Specialized Allez Comp 18?(6 posts)

Anyone own a Specialized Allez Comp 18?LowCel
Aug 21, 2003 4:51 AM
I am thinking about purchasing one of these bikes but I would really like to get some people's opinions on them first. I checked the reviews and they looked pretty good. However, I prefer to get people's opinions in forums. They seem more reliable to me for some reason.

Also, does anyone know the weight on this bike? Also curious about the weight of the Allez Comp 27. Please note if the weight is with or without pedals.

Thanks in advance.
I just purchased onehokie_biker
Aug 21, 2003 5:20 AM
although I'm still waiting for it to get in. I would say it was about 17lbs, for 56cm, maybe a little more, for the 27 with some store-tryout platform pedals on it. Still felt pretty lite and nimble. Don't know if you know, but the 27 isn't zebra striped, it's gun metal grey. Also, the '04s will be out soon, so you might want to hurry if you have to special order one.
I have a Allez Comp 18........WOY
Aug 21, 2003 7:25 AM
This is my first road bike so I don't have much to compare to. It seems stiff enough and the frame is nicely finished. A stock bike (54cm) weigh 8.3kg without pedals. With a new set of wheels (Hugi 240, Revo, CXP33) and a few mod mind is down to 8kg with Shimano R600 pedals.

Let me know if you want a break down of the weight of the bike.

re: Anyone own a Specialized Allez Comp 18?neng
Aug 21, 2003 7:27 AM
The comp is a solid bike with a solid package. I put on about 1600 miles over the last two months since buying mine and am still happy with how I spent my money.

I got the steel version as it offered a slightly more compliant ride for longer saddle time. The steel is very comfy although sometimes I wonder if the aluminum version would have been the better choice with its less flex and quicker responsiveness (when pedal mashing). Might be a dilemma for you depending on your length of rides, riding style, and priorities (steel maybe a pound more).

Components? Ultegra is ultegra. The Specialized stock stuff like the oversized handlebars, stem, carbon seatpost, etc. all do their jobs. One thing I was surprised about were the stock Specialized turbo tires. I cut the tire 900 miles ago through the black rubber down to the red casing and casing has been holding ever since. I actually got my first flat just yesterday after 1600 miles of going through broken glass every ride (college town). It wasn't even a major flat as I noticed the pressure was a little low when I pumped them up in the apartment. Turns out a small hole that I punched into the casing during the first couple hundred of miles was the culprit and let the tube wear slowly away, some super glue solved that problem. I placed an order for another set of these tires.

Moving on, one thing that I might do if I are you, would be to sell off the stock wheelset right away. I'm not the biggest fan of the Shimano 540 wheelset. They are towards the heavy side of the spectrum. They held up reasonably well but I'd rather have a lighter handbuilt traditional wheelset. You could probably ebay the new wheels and get 200-250 for them and apply that towards a better wheelset.

What have I broken? I had a freak Hg73 chain that had a frozen link at about 600 miles, it was replaced with a Sram. Bent the handlebars in a crash at 1100 miles, expected that to happen. Also in the crash I knocked the rear wheel out of true. What a pain, had to go back to the shop because the wheels required a special spoke wrench, one more reason to sell them off.

I think that's about it. I probably missed a lot so just ask about anything I didn't mention.
Thanks for the infoLowCel
Aug 21, 2003 7:49 AM
Appreciate the info. Going to have to try to figure out sizing next. Shop doesn't keep any in stock so may be a little tough figuring out what size I need. I am currently on a large K2 so that doesn't help me out much as far as sizing goes. Not to mention it is a little too big for me anyway.

Hopefully I'm able to sell it soon.
I've raced one all seasongreg n
Aug 21, 2003 7:57 AM
This is my first aluminum bike so I initially had some preconceived notions of ride quality. Although comfort wasn't necessarily an issue for me since this was going to be my dedicated race bike, I was still pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the ride. I feel it's plenty stiff on climbs and in sprints and it's very stable in corners. I wouldn't take it on a long training ride or century, but it's still comfy after a 2-3 hours in the saddle.

Before I even rode the bike, I swapped out obnoxious stock saddle and bar tape and just went with black. It doesn't look too bad now.

I've used the stock Shimano 540 wheels. (I'm not really a weight weenie.) They have held up well, but when you do have to true the rear, it's a hassle because you have to take the cassette off to adjust the drive-side spokes.

Can't say how much it weighs. (See weight weenie comment above.) But it's lighter than a decent steel frame would be. So light enough.

If I keep the frame for next season, I'll probably look into a new wheelset, but other than that it's a good bike.