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Giving props to those who deserve it...Trek/Lemond(2 posts)

Giving props to those who deserve it...Trek/Lemondmfuchs1
Aug 21, 2003 2:31 AM
About a month ago a friend of mine was riding and his chain jumped off of the big cog in the rear and trashed his rear derailleur and dropout. The bike was a 1995 Lemond Tourmelet (OCLV). He took everything apart and brought it to a bike shop that he very rarely goes to to see about getting it repaired. The shop said that they thought that the Lemonds that year only had a 5 year warranty and the damage probably would not be covered anyway since it was not a manufacturing defect but they would send it to Trek and see what happens. He got a message yesterday telling him that his frame was ready to be picked up any time. He was kind of upset that he wasn't notified about the repair because he was expecting to have to pay for it at if it was too much he wasn't going to bother since the frame was 7 years old and has high mileage. When he went to the shop to pick it up Trek had sent a brand new 2003 OCLV frame fork and headset for no charge whatsoever! Trek said that the rear dropout damage was not coverered but some of the lug junction glue looked like it might be weakening so they just replaced it. Also the shop, Cycleworks in Duluth, Ga needs to be recognized for doing what they did also.

He is going to build it up with the old components (Shimano 600 8 speed) just so he can get riding again and keep a lookout for a new group. Question is are 8 speed shimano levers compatible with a 9 speed Ultegra rear derailleur?

Just thought that I would share someone good experience with everyone
re: Giving props to those who deserve it...Trek/LemondRoadi
Aug 21, 2003 7:18 AM
Thats great. You can use a 9 speed deraileur with 8 speed shifters and cassettes.