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Integrated headset problem....(5 posts)

Integrated headset problem....therepublican
Aug 20, 2003 2:26 PM
I can't seem to eliminate the excess play in the integrated threadless headset on my Schwinn Fastback. I think the starfangled could be set a few millimeters shallow. Could that be the cause of the problem or were integraged headsets just a bad idea? I've never had this problem with the standard threadless on my mountain bike.
Aug 20, 2003 3:24 PM
Unless the nut is set very shallow and some portion of the top cap protrudes enough to hit the top of the nut, or the top cap bolt is not fully threaded (and you;ve run out of threads), that isn't the problem.

Do you have any gap between the top of the steering tube and the top of the stem? It's impossible to eliminate the play if the top cap touches the top of the steering tube.

Another reported problem is folks using the wrong headset. There are several styles out there that are not interchangeable. The bearings have different tapers on the seats (some 36 degree, some 45).
re: Integrated headset problem....DY
Aug 20, 2003 3:26 PM
Maybe your fork steerer was cut too long. If you tighten and it is still loose then the top cap might be "bottoming out" on the top of the fork steerer. There should be about 3 mm or so between the top cap and top of the fork steerer so you have room to tighten the top cap down.
re: Integrated headset problem....j-son
Aug 20, 2003 8:02 PM
I recently had a similar problem on a Merckx Team SC with Campy Record Hiddenset. For the first several rides (5 or so), the headset came loose during and after every ride. I would snug it back up, check to ensure all was installed properly only to find it loose again the next ride.

The solution: patience. After X number of rides, the problem resolved of its own accord. Apparently, integrated headsets have a seat in period, during which they won't hold an adjustment. After a few miles, all the internal bits find a happy spot, and all is well. I haven't had to adjust the headset in the last few hundred miles.

best of luck,
Problem solvedtherepublican
Aug 21, 2003 10:14 AM
I put another space in below my stem and moved the one that was previously above the stem below also. The top of the stem comes up a little farther than the reccomended 3 mm over the steer tube, but oh well. The steer tube no longer rattles inside the head tube. Thanks guys.