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'04 Giant OCR 1 Mountain Pedal??(3 posts)

'04 Giant OCR 1 Mountain Pedal??NeophyteRoadie
Aug 20, 2003 11:53 AM
I believe I have decided on purhasing a 2004 OCR 1, its a sweet ride with Ultegra for 1k.. Anyways, it comes stock with Shimano M505 pedal. This is my first road bike and I think that is a MTB pedal. What is the deal with this and does it really matter or would you buy a set of pedals? I am leading towards Speedplay however I have Time ATAC on my MTB and I really like so I may go with Time Impact S. What do you veterans think I should do, go with the stock M505 or upgrade to a road pedal?
re: '04 Giant OCR 1 Mountain Pedal??powergyoza
Aug 20, 2003 12:26 PM
That's a mtb pedal alright. But wow, Ultegra for 1k! My '03 Devinci Podium comes with the same pedal. A lot of manufacturers will put mtb pedals on their road "training" bikes for people just getting into the sport/coming over from MTB-riding. Like you and me. Oh yah, it's also a cost cutting measure....

The 505's are not worth very much if you're considering a trade-up/-in. I can't imagine them costing more than the 515's which are <$50/pair.

If you're mostly training, I'd stick with the 505's until later. There's nothing wrong with the M505. The only issue you may run into is cornering clearance. They're also ~200g heavier than the high-end speedplays.
I ride Mtn pedals on my road bike just to make things easier.TNRyder
Aug 20, 2003 2:20 PM
That way I can use the same shoes regardless of which bike I am riding (2 MTB 1 Road). just my .02.