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Stuck Freewheel, An Update(3 posts)

Stuck Freewheel, An UpdateMisJG
Aug 19, 2003 7:35 PM
As many of you know, recently I broke a spoke on the drive side of the rear wheel of my commuter bike. In order to replace it, I had to remove the freewheel. Easier said than done. I figured the last time the freewheel was removed was probably 1995, the last time I broke a spoke, in the middle of RAGBRAI. When I went to remove the freewheel, I found it was "frozen" in place and no amount of force I could muster would allow me to remove it. I appealed to the board for help. After reading through the reply posts, I decided on a plan of action. Credit for the various ideas given is represented as [screen name]. First, I gave the threads a generous soaking of Liquid Wrench and let it soak overnight with the freewheel down [Tom C]. It actually soaked more than one day before I could get back to it. I had removed the tire, so I reinstalled it for a little added resistance [char]. I fixed the freewheel removal tool (Park FR-1) in place and held it there using the skewer [Tom C, retro]. I used my chain-whip/wrench (Park SR-1) as a wrench. I pulled out my 3 pound drilling hammer ["BFH" as OldEdScott called it] and gave it a few healthy/smart raps [Tom C/M_Currie, respectively]. (A drilling hammer has a head designed for striking metal) As I found out, I was probably not hitting it hard enough in the first place. It took a lot of nerve [OldEdScott] to hit it as hard as I needed to. Once it started to move (yea!), one more good rap and it was free! It spun freely off the hub after that. I cleaned everything up (see, "So I degreased my freewheel" ), replaced the spoke, trued the wheel (Performance "Spin Doctor" truing stand) and I was golden! A big "Thank You!" to all (credited and uncredited) who offered help!

PS, While I was in there, I rebuilt the hub too. But that's a different story. . .
Well Allright! Remember to grease the hub boss...Tom C
Aug 19, 2003 8:06 PM
threads. Just so you can widen your choice of freewheel lubricant, I used, still use on one bike left with a freewheel, 80 weight heavy gear lube with great success for over 25 years now and.... you're welcome.
Aug 20, 2003 9:19 AM
I greased it with a Finish Line product. The same grease I used in my hub overhaul. White Lithium? I don't have the tube in front of me (at work)