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Mixed-Breeds...(4 posts)

Aug 19, 2003 8:59 AM
Here's the question:

I'm looking for a year-round commuter bike (when I say year-round I mean winter with huge snow amounts). I've been looking at my options and they are endless!

SS or Multi-speed?
Rigid or suspension?
MTB or Road frame?
MTB or Road Tires?
26" or 700c?
Road bars or flat bars?
Platform or clipless pedals?
cheap or expensive?

So far what I've managed to come up with to best suit my needs would be a- cheap used SS road bike with "Psycho-Cross" tires for the winter (maybe studded) and platform pedals. And it HAS to have a STIFF front fork.

Anyone know how I can get ahold of one of these or should I change my set-up all together?


P.S. I pasted the Bianchi to give you a general idea of what I'm looking for. I can't afford to buy a bike like the Pista just to get it stolen later on.
re: Mixed-Breeds...Alpedhuez55
Aug 19, 2003 9:23 AM
Fuji makes a nice track bike for under $500. I have had my eye on one at an LBS but the frame is too big.

If you want a single speed, consider just converting an old mountain or road bike with horizontal dropouts to a singlespeed. It is the cheapest option. I did that with my Centurian which I bought for $30 at a thrift shop. I am sure you can find help in doing the conversion on the Fixie board.

Mike Y.
Ooooh, I like spec-ing bikes...Gregory Taylor
Aug 19, 2003 9:27 AM
Commuter bike? Cool. The only real curve that you've thrown us here is the snow.

SS or Multi-speed? Single speed. Funky, less maintainance. Caveat here is to go with a decently sealed hub. Track hubs like the Suzue are poorly sealed. They work okay in normal weather, but you'll be repacking them often when it turns really crappy out.

Rigid or suspension? Rigid. Simple, less crap to break.

MTB or Road frame? Normally, I'd go with a Road frame, but the requirements that it be snow-worthy make this difficult. A 'cross or touring frame frame could work well, and I'm going to assume that you are not going to be busting through fresh powder on it. Go with a 'cross or road frame with decent clearance for big tires.

MTB or Road Tires? 26" or 700c? This depends on frame choice. A 'cross or road frame would have the 700c tires. Slicks for warm weather, cheap cross tires for the winter can work well. Ritchy makes a set of cheap 'cross tires (the Trail Mix, 700 x 35c, wire rim) that work pretty well. For the wheels, go with 36 spoke. Mavic MA3's are pretty stout and inexpensive.

Road bars or flat bars? Road bars. More hand positions.

Platform or clipless pedals? Both. Platforms for winter. Cheap Nashbar SPD clones for summer. The latter are indestructable and inexpensive.

cheap or expensive? Mid-priced. Look at the Surley 'Cross-check frameset. Nicely made, good value, and very versatile. You can single-speed it, or make it a geared bike with the addition of derailleurs and shifters. It also has rack mounts, etc., for hauling crap. And, lest we forget, it's also a dandy cyclocross race bike.

Other stuff: Fenders. It needs fenders. Full size fenders. You will thank me for this later.

Have fun with it!
You want one of these...biknben
Aug 19, 2003 10:16 AM
I rode an old Fuji FG convert last winter. I didn't have clearance for wider tires, studs, or fenders. When the spring came I created this Surly monster.

The Surly Cross-Check. The absolutely do anything you "F"in want with it bike. Most frames will have a limit as far as their versatility goes. You might be able to get wide tires but no fenders. The might not have horiz. dropouts to work with fixed/SS. MAy have to run reg. brakes or Cantis.

-Gears/fixed = No problemo
-Canti brakes or reg. calipers = It can do both
-Bottle cages = got two of those
-Flat/Drop bars = Heah...whatever tickles your fancy
-Fatties/skinnies = Easy
-Fatties with studs = still got plenty of room
-Fatties with studs covered by full fenders = Yawn...Yeah it can do that too.

I give Surly some major props for making such versatile and affordable frames. If you want to be totally hip and b!tchin, look at the Surly Karrate Monkey. Then you can start thinking about suspension and disc brakes too.