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Commuting questions...(12 posts)

Commuting questions...gromit
Aug 19, 2003 4:58 AM
Any long distance commuters out there?
How far do you ride?
How often?
And what are the roads like?

My commute is a round trip of 50 miles, mostly on quiet rolling hilly country roads (nice), a few major intersections with roundabouts (nasty), and some busy city roads. My average time is 1h20 ish going in, average speed 18 mph, I take longer coming back as it is more uphill and usually against the prevailing wind. I don't do it everyday - not enough time...
re: Commuting questions...spluti
Aug 19, 2003 6:31 AM
28 miles
3 days a week
asphalt bike trail for 10 miles
two lane waterfront road where bikes have right of way, 10 miles
4 lane thoroughfare with shoulder designated bike lane, 8 miles
It's a dream route I can usually do in under 1:20 both ways.
re: Commuting questions...MaRider
Aug 19, 2003 7:06 AM
35 mile round-trip. First 4 miles on suburban roads, then 9 miles on a bike path, then 4.5 miles on busy city roads (I try to take it real easy there).
Total time is about 50-55 min one-way, depending on wind and conditions. Usually try to commute 2-3 times a week during the summer, if it's not raining. I hate riding in the rain, even if it makes me a whimp.
I also don't like carrying much stuff. I usually have a pair of thin material shorts in my back pocket, to hide my sweaty biking shorts from co-workers when I get there, and I also carry a pair of beach slippers in one of the two bottlecages. I also run a fair amount, and occasionally would carry a pair of lightweigh racers, but they would take both bottlecages, leaving no room for water.
I havegildomilo
Aug 19, 2003 7:07 AM
the same exact ride, except for mine is the opposite. I have the majority of uphills on the way in. My total commute is about 55 miles round trip, with the final five being a large climb.The ride takes me about 1 hour 30 mins or 1 hour 45 mins depending on how many traffic lights I hit. On the way home I sometimes take a more senic route which makes me take a little more enjoyable then the ride in. I find it hard because I usually have to get up at 5:15 am to ride in as opposed to 6:15 when I drive. I ride in about 2 times a week.
re: Commuting questions...redglobal
Aug 19, 2003 8:42 AM
I ride 26 miles round trip, on hellish high traffic roads, 5 days a week. I average 16 mph ( A lot of stop and go )
re: Commuting questions...Steve Bailey
Aug 19, 2003 8:45 AM
48-62 mile RT, depending on route, which is determined by time of day, weather, etc...

2-3 days per week depending on work schedule. I sometimes drive in, leave car, bike home, bike back in, drive home, often extending the route in or home for extra mileage. It's a nice option if you have a secure spot to leave a car (I do).

Freeport, Long Island, NY to center of Brooklyn, NY via the south shore route along the ocean. I can also vary the route and come home thru Kennedy Airport service roads. Flat as can be, with one moderate climb over the Marine Parkway Bridge (well..... it seems moderate, but it ain't Colorado)

Fairly busy route, lots of traffic sometimes and lot's of traffic lights/control devices (stop signs), thus a slow 13 on the touring bike, maybe 15-16 on the road bike with no load.

Mixed route of local roads, back streets thru residential neighborhoods to avoid traffic congested roads, maybe 5 miles of bike path (on the long route), and 3 miles of back streets thru residential Brooklyn with stop signs every block.

A ton of glass, especially this week. Had a flat this AM on the racing bike. My tourer/commuter uses Avocet Cross Kevlar tires, which are pretty bomb proof. I prefer the tourer, even though it weighs 30 lbs as the weight takes a bit to get up to speed, thus I find I don't "speed along" much and instead tend to relax more, sitting back and enjoying the scenery (especially the Parade of Thongs along the boardwalk in the Rockaway's !) and the NYC skyline and harbor from the top of the bridge, though I still miss seeing the twin towers......


Beats commuting by car !.
re: Commuting questions...pessot
Aug 19, 2003 10:12 AM
My commute is 22-25 miles one way depending on my route.
Boulder, CO to Westminster.
I only commute in the morning. My Van pool has a bike rack and
I almost never ride both ways. Summers I ride about 4x/week, winters 2x/week. I keep several days worth of clothes in my
office, so in the summer I use that off day to restock clothes
and take home my dirty laundry.
The roads are 80% secondary backroads or residential. A short
patch (2-3 miles) on a 2 lane highway with a huge 10 foot shoulder.
My goal is to do the regular 23 mile route in under 1 hour
(computer time, not watch time). About once a month, I'll
make it a time trial type ride. My best time is 1:06:28.
Thank god I have showers at work.

re: Commuting questions...Rode Warrior
Aug 19, 2003 10:57 AM
I ride anywhere from 25 miles to 35 miles round trip. I am able to ride up to 4 days per week, depending on my mood. I ride a route that is approximately 1/3 on the hwy with a wide shoulder, and 2/3 on the hwy with no shoulder. A longer route would be roughly half and half for me. My final mile is on a busy road with no shoulder.

I have only been back on a bike for about a month, and am still building my strength and stamina that I lost over almost 10 months of not riding. I am now able to consistantly average over 20mph over the entire trip. The way in to work is primarily downhill, and the way home is still brutal. I am making the entire trip in roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes, so it isn't too much longer than if I drove.
46 Round TripJFR
Aug 19, 2003 3:55 PM
90% on a flat smooth MUT (Sacramento American River Bike Trail). I've been doing it since May when I bought my first road bike, primarily for commuting (been MTBing for years and still every weekend).

I have three different ways of doing it:

1) Ride to work and ride home. This requires at least one day rest to recover legs and butt.

2) Drive to work w/ bike and ride home (leaving truck at work). Then ride to work the next day, and drive home.

3) Drive part way to work and ride the rest. Then ride back to truck after work and drive home from there.

I can do four days straight of #2 or #3. Most often I do #2. I'm looking forward to getting fit enough to do #1 consecutive days.

Good luck with your commute!
re: Commuting questions...Dutchy
Aug 19, 2003 6:20 PM
It's good to hear other people ride long distances to work. It is also good to hear that most only do it 2-3 times per week. Makes me feel better.
I ride to work in the morning (38-48km/24-30miles) sometimes a bit longer in Summer. My wife works around the corner from me. So I pack my bag into her car, ride to her work, pick up my bag and ride around the block to my work. At the end of the day I get a lift home. This enables me to ride in Tue/Wed/Thurs and have Mon/Fri as rest days.
The journey is on hilly country roads for the first half then a nice 10km descent on an old disused freeway, zero cars, then another 10km of bike lanes through city traffic. It's a good ride with 480m/1575f of climbing, but can get very foggy during winter, with virtually zero visibility. Couldn't imagine not doing it.
Love to make the a.m. ride longer...Bob Johnson
Aug 19, 2003 8:55 PM
Door-to-door is 12.5 miles, so 25 miles roundtrip. If I can drag my a** out of bed early enough, I'll often ride farther (past work) and double back so I get 40-45 miles total for the day. I like to ride every work day, all seasons. About the only days I don't ride are heavy snow days. Once the streets are plowed, I ride again.

I ride city streets (Chicago) and bike path. The path gets crazy in warm months in the evenings, so I generally take streets on the way home.

I got doored a couple of weeks ago... but not from a car at the curb. It was a car sitting in traffic as I rode up alongside on the right. The passenger popped open the door and banged my arm hard. Luckily, I stayed upright.

It takes me almost the same time as driving or taking the el. Eight years later, I'm addicted.
re: Commuting questions...Milliet
Aug 20, 2003 11:30 AM
I am a brand new, wet behind the ears, newbie cycler. I watched too much of the TDF and went out and bought a new Trek 1200 to commute on. Before last week, I had not ridden any sort of bike in 15 years.

18 miles R/T
So far...everyday. I just started last week.
2 lane rural black-top in the pine forests of South Mississippi, NO shoulder, light traffic, very flat (only use 2 or 3 gears) ISOLATED-30 miles from nearest town
Takes a little over 30 mins right now, but improving. First day avg spd=16.3mph. Now up to 18.1mph.

Interesting note: I leave the house at 5:25am so the morning ride in is in total darkness. I use a Cygolite in the front and red flashing light in the rear. Along with assortment of other reflective stuff. Most of the traffic I encounter half dozen cars or so are co-workers (I am very nice to them at work :) I am still working out the logistics of food and clothing. I am going to need a back pack or rack of some kind I can tell already.

Loving every minute of it so far.

Ron Milliet
Petal, MS