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Tire Life liquid latex sidewall protecton(5 posts)

Tire Life liquid latex sidewall protectonSpoiler
Aug 18, 2003 4:37 PM
Here a fun project for you kids at home.

Order some Tire Life liquid latex from The Third Hand/Loose Screws. Use your parent's credit card.

When it arrives in the mail, open up he package. Unscrew the bottle. Before you read the directions, put the open bottle under your nose and take a deep, lung-busting wiff.

In five minutes, when you pick yourself off the floor, read the caution on the outside of the bottle.

Repeat as necessary.
Obviously you've done this many timesSprint-Nick
Aug 18, 2003 4:43 PM
It sounds from your post not much of your brain is working anymore and you have to amuse yourself by posting stupid posts like this?
Sniff, that hurts.Spoiler
Aug 18, 2003 5:02 PM
I see you're still carrying the scars from the numerous beat-downs you've received here. I'll do my best to cheer you up with a little story.

I remember playing high school volleyball. We had a foreign exchange student from Germany on the team. Unfortunately for him, we also had ammonia capsules in the first-aid kit. While riding the team bus on the way to a game, I busted one open and told him to inhale as deeply as possible, telling him it was a perfume sample I had recieved in the mail. His whole body stiffened and he started banging his head into the back of the seat. He almost vomited.
That was great.
Jeez, that's funny. Here's another one...rwbadley
Aug 18, 2003 10:19 PM
Twenty-some years ago I found a bottle of 'something' on the back porch of this place I was staying. I wanted to know what it was so I could toss it or not. I whipped off the cap and took a good sniff.

Jeez, it felt like somebody had fired napalm up my nose and used a toilet plunger to make sure it went in nice and deep. It hurt like hell for a few days, putting it mildly.

Who keeps a bottle of hydrochloric acid lying around for criminysake...

Huffable plus it keeps carbon seatposts from slipping too! (nm)terzo rene
Aug 19, 2003 3:22 PM