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Bike Rack...Fork Mount or Bike mount?(10 posts)

Bike Rack...Fork Mount or Bike mount?Hedgehog
Aug 18, 2003 1:54 PM
Which rack is better. It seems that the fork mount would be more secure and more aerodynamic but then I need to take the wheel off all the time. The other rack seems to mount to the downtube instead so no wheel removal.

thanks for any comments.
re: Bike Rack...Fork Mount or Bike mount?FTF
Aug 18, 2003 2:21 PM
I have a Thule rack for my civic and I have both. I use the fork for my road bike and the downtube for my mtn bike... it has Disk brakes so it won't fit on the fork mount model i have... After putting my MTN bike on the down tube i wold never put my road bike on that thing... (its is older) but It sways a bit and just all in all feels much less secure... in contrast the fork mount feels like the thing is a part of the car... in fact once i for got it was up there and took a corner pretty fast... remebered half way through the corner looked up (sunroof) and it didn't move a MM... Its two sec's to take the wheel off and alot of peace of mind.... IMHO
Fork mountthe bull
Aug 18, 2003 2:51 PM
It is more stable.
I would not trust a nice bike with anything else!
bike mountmohair_chair
Aug 18, 2003 3:08 PM
People may "feel" fork mount is more secure, but I've driven thousands and thousands of miles at fairly high speeds and never had any kind of problem. The bikes I tote ain't cheap, either.

It's so much more convenient. After rides, my bike is up and on the car in seconds. Meanwhile my friends are still trying to get their front wheels past the lawyer tabs. I also know many people who have run over front wheels, because they left them leaning against the car. Or worse, they show up at the ride without the front wheel because it's still sitting in their driveway. Or they show up at home without it. Happens all the time, but not to me.

It's your choice, but the "secure" argument is pretty poor. I think I'd see a lot more bikes all over the road if there were a problem!
That may be true, butKG 361
Aug 18, 2003 3:20 PM
I ain't clamping NOTHING onto my downtube! Fork mount all the way. If I'm traveling by myself or with just one other person I'll put the rear seat down and just put the bike in the back-the beauty of a station wagon!
Fork mount, BUT...peter1
Aug 18, 2003 3:44 PM
Get a front wheel holder that sits next to the bike on the rack. You won't have to put the dirty wheel in your car, and it decreases the likelihood that you'll run over it or forget it. I've never forgotten my front wheel, but I have run over one...paid the dumb tax, as they say.

I have used downtube mounts but found that the frame gets scratched. As for security, I wonder if anyone has ever bent a steel fork or cracked a carbon one with a fork mount? Seems like the swaying could put a lot of stress at the tabs. I've got a pickup with a cap and I usually just throw my bike in the back on top of a blanket. Now that's safe and convenient...
Get a fairing either way.gala7516
Aug 18, 2003 7:07 PM
The fork sees much more stress when it is in actual use rather than transport.
We have 2 fork mounts and one Thule Big Mouth.dzrider
Aug 19, 2003 4:49 AM
The fork mounts are definitely more secure. I always thought that was better until my wife drove under a portico in a bank driveway with the bikes on the roof. The seat on the bike in the frame mount hit and the bike was pulled out of the clamp, off the roof and down to the pavement. The seat was trashed and the levers and hoods banged up a bit from the fall, I think, but I was able to fix them. The plastic straps that hold the wheels down were broken but that seems trivial. I can't even picture how much damage would have been done had she hit the fork mount bikes.

How much security do you need? How certain are you that you will never screw up? My wife's been driving with bikes on the roof since 1985 and never hit them before. We see trunk mount racks with only straps that hardly seem to hold the bikes in place survive plenty of trips. I'll use the fork mounts til they die, but when they die I'll replace them with frame mounts or the Yakima carrier that clamps on the crank arm.
related questionFrith
Aug 19, 2003 5:08 AM
How much do these things cost? just a rough range will do. What do you have to buy? The rack ($?) plus whatever mounting device for each bike ($?) anything else?
Roof rack systems aren't cheap.Spoke Wrench
Aug 19, 2003 6:21 AM
What you need depends on your car. A typical system will include towers, load bars, fit kit to match your car, bike mounts, locks and a wind fairing. The parts are generally sold ala carte. Don't look for much change from $500.00 for a complete two bike system.