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Foot pain - Ball of foot especially(7 posts)

Foot pain - Ball of foot especiallyDannyBoy
Aug 17, 2003 7:53 PM
I have a query relating to foot pain. I have been doing a reasonable volume of training over the last year - but nothing outlandish – perhaps 6-10 hours a week.

I've noticed that I'm experiencing foot pain largely on the ball of my foot, but also along the bottom of my toes, which I seem to be ‘clawing' more and more??? I now have a low key day long ache in both feet.

I've done the obvious and have bought a new pair of shoes and have put in additional innersole (albeit crap ones from the supermarket). Not much seems to have changed.

Does anyone manufacture a specific insert with cycling comfort in mind?? Any insert has to be perfectly flat and not too thick as I use a small orthotic arch support (custom fitted) and there's only so much room in a road shoe!!!!

Anyone had to tackle achey feet before?


2 recommendations I got from ultra riders when I whined.dzrider
Aug 18, 2003 5:33 AM
Move your cleats as far back on the shoe as possible and get some kind of hard arch support, which you have already. The goal is to distribute the pressure across as much of the foot as you can. Some drill new holes to put the cleat even further back than shoes generally allow. This, I was told but haven't tried, is less efficient in terms of generating power, but way more comfortable.
Might be more complicated...NatC
Aug 18, 2003 5:50 AM
The "clawing" of the toes part could mean either your feet are pronating more, causing an imbalance in the muscles on top of your foot with those on the bottom. It could also mean that you are getting neuromas, and the nerves going to those toes are causing them to change from normal position. Since you have a day-long ache, it's probably not a shoe or cleat placement issue. Your description so far points to neuromas. Where (which toes) is the pain?
Might be more complicated...DannyBoy
Aug 18, 2003 12:41 PM
The pain is largely under my three middle toes, and actually on the ball of the foot. It's certainley bearable and has got a bit better with a lay off and new shoes. That said I suspect 2-3 weeks of solid riding will have it back to where it was before!

It almost feels like it'd be 'cured' by having a much thicker padded layer exactly under where my toes join my foot - if that makes sense?
re: Foot pain - Ball of foot especiallynorcalscot
Aug 18, 2003 12:47 PM
Do you have any numbness in your foot as well as the pain ? it sounds a bit like you're developing neuromas. I'm not a doctor, but I developed this condition last year on a 1000K brevet. The cause for me was shoes that were too tight. I now wear larger shoes and for a while I used inserts from a company called - see the following URL for the pads I used -
See a doctor and get the problem diagnosed properly. I ended up needing cortozone shots to fix the problem. It's not fun and in extreme cases may need surgery.
Aug 18, 2003 6:03 PM
I think it's time I went to see a podiatrist before it gets worse. There's always that period that you give things to 'go away'. Inevitably you regret not seeking help sooner. I'll take your advice.
Aug 19, 2003 10:21 AM
I saw my primary care physician first as soon as the condition appeared and she gave me some anti-inflamitories. After two weeks there was no improvement and she referred me to a podiatrist.

It took 4 cortozone shots and nearly 4 months to get the problem under control. Even now I still have some numbness in my left foot, but at least I can ride comfortably !